Install a Fresh Exterior Railing System to Make an Outdoor Space Pop

An exterior railing system for your outdoor stairs or balcony project offers unlimited cool breezes, sunshine, open air, and beautiful landscapes for homeowners. Any architect or homebuilder would agree that exterior railings serve as a durable safety net for any outdoor space. People of all ages, animals, and more are guarded against the ground below […]

Benefits of Stainless Steel Handrails for Commercial and Residential Stairs

While handrails are the essential safety element of a staircase, they deserve to be visually appealing as well. Many people focus on the design of stair treads or balustrades and ignore the aesthetics of handrails. A stair handrail comes into constant contact with pressure, skin oils, dings, and more. Therefore, it is important to install […]

Handrails are a Functional Part of Staircases

Many times, the design and thought into handrails are overlooked. As a creator, we’re sure you agree that staircases are vital elements of safety and function for homes, offices, stores, and buildings. Handrails are the most used part of any staircase, next to stair treads. Responsible for supporting and stabilizing endless weight and pressure, staircase […]

5 Reasons Wrought Iron Railings are Remarkable

Wrought iron is an astounding material used for outdoor fencing, gates, curtain rods, bed frames, and much more. Specifically, wrought iron railings on custom staircases are popular because they pair stunningly with wood, stone, and other metals. At Southern Staircase, our team excels in working with wrought iron for both exterior and interior railings because […]

Stainless Steel Handrails: Sophistication and Strength

Stainless steel provides benefits to many different industries. Overall, it is a tried-and-true heavy-duty material for a stair handrail. It is also used in bicycle production, car manufacturing, shipbuilding, and more. As such, it has become a preferred choice for residential and commercial stair railings, from home improvement projects to community building upgrades. It is […]

Top Traits of a Modern Stair Railing System

Sometimes a simple modern stair railing is all it takes to give your custom staircase the fresh, contemporary twist it needs. Modern railing systems are growing in popularity with their clean, industrial, and sleek style that adds a minimalistic segment to your interior design. When it comes to modern stair railing designs, less is truly more. Here, […]

Modern Inspiration – Custom Cable Railings and Systems

Custom cable railings are the essence of modern design. Southern Staircase believes this handrail system design encompasses intricate details of sleek, clean lines, with precise and flawless installation. Modern Cable Railings with Farmhouse Inspiration Simply put, a farmhouse design whispers, “Welcome home.” A cable handrail system can offer this feeling. One homeowner provided only an inspiration photo from Houzz. […]