Handrails are a Functional Part of Staircases

Many times, the design and thought into handrails are overlooked. As a creator, we’re sure you agree that staircases are vital elements of safety and function for homes, offices, stores, and buildings. Handrails are the most used part of any staircase, next to stair treads. Responsible for supporting and stabilizing endless weight and pressure, staircase handrails should get equal attention as other stair parts.

Building a durable and purposeful stairway includes a quality and aesthetically pleasing stair railing. Let’s explore hand railing options at Southern Staircase and why we’re the best in the business.

Stair Railings for Indoor or Outdoor Steps

Handrail profiles are available as straight or bent/curved in any specification you need to comply with building codes.

Texture: Hammered or smooth

Shape: Round, square, or customized to any specific design you want

Material: Wood, metal (wrought iron, aluminum, stainless steel), stone, or marble

  • A wrought iron or stainless steel handrail for example is extremely low maintenance and offers safety, strength, and style. This is a great update for home developments, condos, and apartments.
  • For example, stunning ornamental metal handrails are made in our state-of-the-art metal fabrication facilities. Offer an upgrade option or simply make a statement for your interior design projects.
  • Wood handrails provide a classy and traditional look. They can be sanded, skimmed, and shaped into any design or etching you would like.
  • Cable railing systems pair exquisitely with steel and wooden handrails. They are a fun option for a more modern home development or multi-interior design projects.

Finish: A wide range of stains and powder-coated options give home buyers of your development or large-scale interior design projects many options to make a staircase their own.

A good start is to view our general product gallery. You will find a wide variety of materials, designs, and styles for handrails for any type of staircase.

For even more inspiration, flip through our product brochure or other catalogs. Here, you will get more detail about handrail profiles and an array of stair handrail styles. Specifically, you can view images of different wood species available, along with baluster and newel designs.

Traditional or modern, curved or straight, exterior, or interior stairs, and everything in between, Southern Staircase’s expert team is here. Whether you are looking to create wall-mounted handrails or ones that are free-standing, our industry-leading design and build team can customize your project.

Expect the following when working with Southern Staircase for your handrails:

  • Handrail and staircase design assistance with limitless options for customization
  • Detailed budget estimates
  • Top-quality, value engineering
  • CAD drawings, renderings, and 3-D modeling
  • Submittal packages
  • Engineering services including the ability to provide signed, stamped drawings in all fifty states
  • Expertise in building code

Handrails Designed and Installed by Southern Staircase

At Southern Staircase, our mission is to design and build handrails that complement every staircase and space in a unique and eye-catching way. Most importantly, you can be sure that every handrail will be made with the highest quality engineering and attention.

Are you feeling inspired?

Do you have a design or style already in mind? Great. We would love to turn your vision into a reality. Are you looking for some inspiration assistance or design ideas? Count on Southern Staircase to find something fitting for your handrail and staircase project. From inspiration to installation, we are here to custom-design exactly what you need.

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