5 Reasons Wrought Iron Railings are Remarkable

Wrought iron is an astounding material used for outdoor fencing, gates, curtain rods, bed frames, and much more. Specifically, wrought iron railings on custom staircases are popular because they pair stunningly with wood, stone, and other metals.

At Southern Staircase, our team excels in working with wrought iron for both exterior and interior railings because of its pliability, yet robustness. It is a pure iron allow with significantly lower carbon content than cast iron.

Today, we dive into five reasons why a wrought iron stair railing is a great choice for your custom staircase.

Wrought Iron Stair Railing

  1. Long-lasting (stands the test of time)

Wrought iron is highly buoyant and has rust-free properties. Wrought iron railings can bend, but don’t break; you can thank its high carbon content for this. At Southern Staircase, our wrought iron railings can be powder-coated (sealed) for protection against corrosion and the elements (for exterior railings or open areas). Learn more about buildings that can stand the test of time, including ones with a wrought iron balustrade (railing).

Fences, railings, gates, and other materials made of wrought iron can be expected to last decades. A wrought iron interior railing can last a lifetime.

  1. Highly durable (high tensile strength)

Unlike aluminum and other metals, wrought iron can sustain high-stress levels. Its tensile strength is known to be 240-350 MPa (pressure unit). This makes wrought iron a great choice for a durable, tough material that can withstand enormous weight. Some of the most famous architectural wonders of the world are made of wrought iron, including the Eiffel Tower. In essence, wrought iron is a safe and smart material to use in home and building staircase construction.

Wrought Iron Railings

  1. Require little maintenance

Are you looking for a décor material that requires little effort? Remove dust and grime easily and quickly with a rag dipped in soap and water. Our team at Southern Staircase promises a quality railing, although it is still important to occasionally inspect your railing. Especially with exterior stairs, an outdoor metal railing will be perpetually up against the elements. Look for any signs of corrosion, then clean and recoat your wrought iron railings and they will look good as new.

  1. Great value

Wrought iron keeps its shape, has high tensile strength, is easy to weld, and is highly ductile.

Plus, it takes longer to rust and requires little maintenance. All of these factors combined to prove that wrought iron is an extremely sought-after material for both homes and commercial buildings. It stays in good shape and adds value to any new build. Exterior wrought iron railings can complement any fence, porch, or portico. Investing in a wrought iron stair railing, (or wrought iron anything) for your new home, development, or commercial project will surely be an investment that sells.

  1. Extremely customizable

Wrought iron is tremendously malleable when heated at high temperatures. This makes it easy to shape it in an endless number of designs and styles. For example, wrought iron can be bent, rolled, hammered, stretched, and twisted into many different forms, even long, thin strings. Its high elasticity allows it to be molded into really anything you would like. Make the staircases you build for your development and new homes a work of art.

Iron Railing by Southern Staircase

You simply cannot go wrong with wrought iron railings. Southern Staircase works with community construction developers, architects, and designers.

From inspiration to installation, we make exactly what you need. Contact our expert team at Southern Staircase now for a project you would like to discuss.