Top Traits of a Modern Stair Railing System

Sometimes a simple modern stair railing is all it takes to give your custom staircase the fresh, contemporary twist it needs. Modern railing systems are growing in popularity with their clean, industrial, and sleek style that adds a minimalistic segment to your interior design. When it comes to modern stair railing designs, less is truly more.

Here, we take a look at four modern railing projects that can offer you inspiration for your next home improvement project.

How Does a Modern Handrail Play a Role in Contemporary Design?

A custom modern staircase design can set the overall scene for a space. Modern stair railings are a perfect fit for a minimalistic home or commercial building. A well-designed custom staircase is the same as a unique piece of furniture. With clean lines, a modern stair railing presents a polished and sleek surface to your custom stairs.

Many modern staircase railing designs incorporate industrial materials such as glass, iron, and steel. Simple color palettes, open spaces, and geometric elements are common modern design aspects as well. Here, we take a look at four unique modern stair railings, designed for contemporary commercial and residential spaces.

4 Contemporary Stair Railing Designs to Fit Modern Appeal

First, we highlight a modern stainless-steel handrail system designed to complete a curved free-standing stair. The open riser construction allows for open, unobstructed views across the space, a tenet of modern design. Along with the risers, the stair railing design incorporates thin, parallel stainless-steel bars which allow additional openness and add to the space’s modern appeal.

Curved Modern Stair Railing Remodel System


Next, we move to another modern free-standing staircase system. Like the curved stair above, this straight stair utilizes open risers to create a strikingly modern feel. The 2-inch dark wood treads add an air of sophistication and offer a unique contrast against the light walls. The sleek glass railing, designed and constructed for ultimate safety and quality, further opens the space and sets this stair apart.

straight stair railing remodel system

Our next featured modern stair railing design is a cable rail accenting a straight stair. This unique staircase system includes a combination of open and closed risers, with the upper segment open and transitioning to closed risers below. The red oak wood stair treads and clean, parallel lines of the stainless-steel cable railing offer a simple contemporary look.

Atlanta commercial stairs

For those seeking a different type of modern metal railing system, the staircase below includes simple, vertical mega balusters in ¾-inch size. With a sleek black handrail, this straight stair stands apart through its 2-inch false nosing red oak treads and clean, white paint-grade risers.

Atlanta custom staircase

For almost 40 years, our team at Southern Staircase has worked with builders, architects, designers, and homeowners across the nation. We have designed and constructed unique, high-quality stair railings and staircase systems. With extensive capabilities and talented craftsmen, we can bring your unique modern stair and railing design ideas to life.

Modern Stair Railing by Southern Staircase

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