Install a Fresh Exterior Railing System to Make an Outdoor Space Pop

An exterior railing system for your outdoor stairs or balcony project offers unlimited cool breezes, sunshine, open air, and beautiful landscapes for homeowners. Any architect or homebuilder would agree that exterior railings serve as a durable safety net for any outdoor space. People of all ages, animals, and more are guarded against the ground below and have something to rest or lean on.

Studies over the past couple of years have shown homeowners’ focus on growing their outdoor space has grown exponentially since the start of the pandemic. Specifically, 85% of experts believe that homeowners are now more willing to invest in outdoor living spaces. Similarly, connecting to the outdoors and nature is determined to be the largest driver of home design choices over the next three years.

Southern Staircase offers an exterior railing solution that can be beautiful and functional for the homes you are building.


Outdoor Living Exterior Railing Systems

As a homebuilder or a designer, you put a lot of love, sweat, and tears into the homes you build (or design). Make your home(s) be “the one” for someone. Our Outdoor Living exterior railing systems by Ultralox can help.

For professional homebuilders, Outdoor Living is an exterior railing solution by Ultralox for the outdoor spaces of the homes you are building. Homebuyers are given the outdoor living space they are searching for while adding overall beauty and value to each home. Every railing system by Ultralox promises:

  • Clean lines and modern design
  • Durability
  • Ease of care
  • Highest safety standards

Give future homeowners the modern aesthetic and design of outdoor spaces and experiences they are craving. Undoubtedly, for today’s homebuyers, exterior living space is just as important as indoor. Their outdoor area is an extension of the space that adds value to the home. Homebuyers yearn to spend time outdoors with their family and friends. They can picture themselves finding quiet moments for reflection and relaxation. They want spaces that will allow them to do this while adding beauty and quality to the home and being durable and low-maintenance. Give this to them with a beautiful exterior railing system.

Southern Staircase’s Outdoor Living exterior railing systems by Ultralox provide a solution for homebuilders that will make homebuyers love the outdoor space. Equally, as a home builder, you will save time, money, and headaches.

  • A straight rail system gives homeowners a refined outdoor space with a simple elegant design.
  • The vertical and horizontal cable railing provides a modern and clean design.
  • A glass paneled railing brings the outdoors to you without obstruction. Expect your beautiful views to remain beautiful.


The Southern Staircase Promise

Southern Staircase is committed to providing the best exterior railing system solutions for homebuilders and architects.

  • Durable powder-coated finish
  • Low-maintenance, easy to care for
  • Quick installation
  • Custom order fulfillment
  • Highest safety standards
  • Adds quality and value to any property
  • Clean, modern aesthetic 20-year limited warranty

One thing the pandemic has created for many people is a newfound appreciation of the outdoors.  Over the last two years, families, neighbors, and communities have come together outside in the beautiful fresh air to spend time together while being able to keep their personal space apart. Outdoor living areas are shifting from simply entertainment-focused spaces to true living spaces.

Connecting to the outdoors has never been so important. Outdoor spaces offer homeowners a place to commune with loved ones or to find refuge and solace in nature. Enhance a deck or patio now for homeowners with Southern Staircase’s newest exterior railing system offering created by Ultralox.

For more information and pictures, visit our Outdoor Living page. Or, you can contact our expert team at Southern Staircase anytime for any questions or place an order.