What are Floating Stairs and How Can They Enhance Your Home?

Floating stairs are a home décor modern marvel. Designed to be self-supporting, floating staircases have become increasingly popular because of their unique versatility and class appeal. What are Floating Stairs? Essentially, a floating staircase is crafted to create the illusion that the stairs are floating in the air. The floating staircase design process hides or […]

The Basics of Wooden Baluster Designs

A classic and timeless structural choice with impressive versatility, the wooden baluster design is one of our most popular offerings. This week, we discuss the basics – what options are available for customers seeking wooden handrail systems? Our creative team provides innovative and comprehensive design services for all stair parts. We work to ensure on-time delivery […]

Design Options for Your Custom Circular Stairs

Circular stairs, or spiral stairs, offer many benefits for both commercial and residential spaces. In our blog post “Top 3 Reasons to Consider a Spiral Staircase,” we discussed three major reasons our customers choose and love custom circular stairs: Small footprint to maximize floor space Interior and exterior suitability Versatile design options This week, we focus on the […]

Turnkey Curved Stairs Installation: From Coast to Coast

In our previous Turnkey Curved Stairs blog, we explored the benefits of our turnkey installation option for curved stairs. Did you know that our team’s extensive capabilities are available to customers across the nation? Based just outside of Atlanta, Georgia, our team has proudly designed and delivered turnkey stairs installation on both coasts. Recent deliveries include Nashville, Miami, […]

Turnkey Custom Curved Stairs Installation: Taking You a Step Above

What is Turnkey Curved Stairs Installation? Turnkey staircases are custom curved stairs. Circular stairs or spiral stairs are both common curved stair designs. When designing and delivering custom stairs, our team works to satisfy the unique needs and budget of each customer. This approach includes several installation options, with turnkey installation as our platinum offering. […]

Building a Modern Staircase for your Commercial Space

We are excited to announce our latest winning stair design of the month, a custom modern staircase! This featured project is one of many custom staircases built. It is a unique modern commercial stair created for Cliftwood Apartments in Sandy Springs, just outside of Atlanta, Georgia. Our Alpharetta, Georgia team was proud to partner with […]

Designing the Craftsman Rustic Staircase

At the moment, one of our most popular style requests is a craftsman rustic staircase design. Known for handiwork, simplicity, and natural materials, the craftsman style movement continues to grow in popularity. Solid wood construction adds to the cozy, charming appeal of craftsman homes and commercial spaces, especially with hardwood floors. Plus, many people are […]

The World’s Most Famous Staircases: Exploring Unique Designs

Staircases were first created thousands of years ago. Since then, staircase designs have evolved from massive stone structures to diverse, versatile, and unique creations. While stair designs have changed, history does repeat itself. Many current staircase trends take elements from famous ancient stairs to create the intended design. This week, we travel around the world and take […]

Baluster or Banister? Parts of a Custom Staircase

One of the most common confusions in stair terminology is the use of “balusters” or “banisters.” At Southern Staircase, our expert custom staircase builders are more adapted to using “baluster.” Customers always ask, “Does it really matter if you say baluster or banister?” No, it doesn’t, as both can be used to describe the support systems […]

Modern Curved Staircase: Stair Design of the Month

A modern curved staircase is a classic design that never goes out of style. Here is an example from our custom staircase designers. This interior design project was completed for a residence in South Central Phoenix, Arizona, and was a collaborative effort between many members of our Arizona team. First, the stair was sold by […]