The Basics of Wooden Baluster Designs

A classic and timeless structural choice with impressive versatility, the wooden baluster design is one of our most popular offerings. This week, we discuss the basics – what options are available for customers seeking wooden handrail systems?

Our creative team provides innovative and comprehensive design services for all stair parts. We work to ensure on-time delivery and complete client satisfaction in every project. Are you considering wood balusters for your upcoming staircase project? Below, we outline some key considerations in the wooden baluster design process.


Wooden Baluster Design: Stock vs. Custom

A customer can select a wooden baluster design from our vast stock series portfolio, or enlist help from our team of primed craftsmen. They will design and construct one-of-a-kind custom wooden balusters. Endless styles are available for complete custom wooden spindles.

Below, a unique custom wooden baluster system includes plain, square top balusters interspersed with starburst panels for a whimsical take on craftsman style.

white wooden staircase southern staircase

Here, another custom design incorporates geometric patterns for a unique and eye-catching aesthetic.

white wooden stairs at southern staircase

For customers interested in selecting designs from our stock offering, we are proud to offer a wide array of options. Below, see several of our popular offerings. A common traditional style, the Regency is available with a square or round base. Balusters measure 1 ¾” with newels sized 3 ½.”

wooden balusters at southern staircase

Next, the Hampton is another eye-catching classic profile. Hampton balusters match the Regency in size while lending a slightly different aesthetic.

circular wooden baluster design

Customers seeking a less traditional, more streamlined design may want to consider our square balusters. Clean lines and a minimalist, no-fuss construction set this option apart.wooden baluster benefits

Like the square balusters, our panel baluster selections offer clean lines and a crisp look. The Hyannis Rake Camden baluster system below is a perfect fit for this craftsman home.

wooden baluster details

Wooden Spindles: Wood Species Options

Another wooden baluster design element that has a great impact on the overall style and feel of a staircase system is the wood species. We are proud to work with a wide variety of standard and premium species, including:

  • Red Oak
  • White Oak
  • Cherry
  • Maple
  • Poplar
  • Mahogany
  • Brazilian Cherry
  • Hickory
  • Walnut

Wooden Baluster Design: Milling Options

The next key consideration in the wooden baluster design process is milling. A unique milling process can transform a baluster profile, adding a special touch to best fit the style of the space. Our team offers various milling options including fluting, reeding, twisting, and carving.

The image below shows our Charleston-style balusters, box newel posts, and pin top finished with plain, fluted, and twisted milling (from left to right).

choosing a wooden baluster design

Wooden Baluster Design: Delivery & Installation Options

Following the wooden baluster design phase, the stair and handrail system are constructed within our facility. To prevent fit issues and other challenges that may lead to project delays, we pre-fit each handrail system to its staircase before delivery and installation. The system is then delivered and installed at the job site.


Are you inspired?

Whether traditional or modern, stock or custom, our team designs and builds the highest quality wood handrails. We follow a turn-key approach to ensure smooth processes through all phases of construction. From inspiration to installation, we are dedicated to customer satisfaction.

The popularity of wooden balusters is on the rise for their timeless look and durability. Interested in other materials for a handrail system? Check out our stainless steel and iron balusters that we’ve created.

Contact us today to discuss your upcoming wooden baluster design project so we can get started on drawings and construction.