Wooden Baluster Systems: Safety and Tradition

Committed to safety and tradition, wooden baluster systems are a sure way to elevate the appearance of one’s home. This is because they are a versatile choice, with numerous options for customization. Different wood species can be designed to blend seamlessly together in various stair parts.

By definition, a baluster (or spindle) is a molded shaft or square that has been derived from a rectangular or square plank. It supports the handrail of a staircase, and when classified as a group, balusters are called balustrades. When placed side by side, balusters are generally separated by the same measurement as the size of the square bottom section. As one can imagine, the distance between balusters is a critical element, not only for aesthetic appeal, but also for safety and strength. Homeowners, commercial builders, and/or architects must consider which wood products will stand the test of time, and this depends greatly on the location of a staircase.


Wooden Baluster: A Classic Choice with Many Offerings

Suppose a customer wants to install a wooden baluster staircase system for their exterior porch. At first, the customer will primarily think about the look or appearance. Yet, they will also be interested in maintenance and upkeep. When it comes to one’s specific vision of an outside staircase or handrails, it is wise to contact a knowledgeable team that’s familiar with wood design and styles. The team at Southern Staircase keeps quality, durability, and safety in mind.

A classic choice, the dynamic team at Southern Staircase understands that wooden baluster systems come with endless options. This enables customers to choose a modern, contemporary style, a stock profile, or a fully customized wooden system. With any style, our team is deeply involved from inspiration to installation, which ensures a smooth process from beginning to end.

A wooden baluster system can be paired with any type of handrail or stair treads. Similarly, any type of stairs can have a wooden baluster: curved, spiral, straight, open riser, or floating.

Consider the following offerings from Southern Staircase for your wooden baluster system:

  • Innovative, comprehensive design services
  • Wooden railings of all sizes and styles (including pin top and square top)
  • Limitless design options
  • Wide range of premium wood species (can use as many as you prefer)
  • Milling capabilities: fluting, reeding, twisting, carving, engravings, and more
  • Team of craftsmen and artisan welders that specialize in hand-forged wood components
  • Expertise in building codes and regulations


Wooden Railings and Stairs by Southern Staircase

Southern Staircase has built a distinguished reputation over the last 30 years as an industry-leading team in innovation and staircase design. From inspiration to installation, we bring over 30 decades of custom-made residential and commercial staircase projects. As such, we’ve developed trusted partnerships with countless commercial and residential architects and builders.

Whether you have a specific design in mind, or you are seeking inspiration for a project, the team at Southern Staircase welcomes your call today.

Contact our expert stair design team now to discuss installing a wooden baluster system or another type of staircase you prefer. Or, to request a quote or inquire about the wooden baluster system delivery process, call us today at 888-510-0342.