What are Floating Stairs and How Can They Enhance Your Home?

Floating stairs are a home décor modern marvel. Designed to be self-supporting, floating staircases have become increasingly popular because of their unique versatility and class appeal.

What are Floating Stairs?

Essentially, a floating staircase is crafted to create the illusion that the stairs are floating in the air. The floating staircase design process hides or minimizes the supporting base structure (stringers) of the staircase for the appearance of “levitating” stairs. Its stringer is considered the “backbone” of the staircase.

A self-sustaining design requires no extra support between the underside of the staircase and the floor below or a wall. Either a single stringer or dual stringers are available and provide a strong connection between landings.

Let’s get into the wide range of benefits that floating stairs can offer a room in a residential and commercial space.

Stairs Design

How can floating stairs enhance my home?

  • Large amount of light

Contemporary architectural design ideas aim to highlight light and space, and floating stairs do not disappoint. Traditional stair and railing systems are usually one solid unit. With floating stair treads, light flushes through each stair and brings in a larger amount of light, especially natural sunlight, into lower levels. This is because each stair is open and separate.

  • Unique cutting-edge, versatile design

Floating stairs can accent or add flair to any room with a natural layout and a simple, ultra-modern, light and airy, refreshing look. They can be installed in a number of different styles, with varied materials, and do not need to be connected to a wall for support. This allows for stairs to fit in a wide variety of spaces and room sizes.

  • Straight, curved, or spiral stairs
  • Wood stairs (in a large variety of wood species) with a cable railing
  • Metal stairs with a glass or steel railing
  • Single or double stringer stairs available

Especially, glass and wood are very versatile in its thickness and can be easily cut with a wide range of textures and patterns.

  • Gives any space an open floor plan and more storage

As stated before, traditional staircases and railings most often block the view of a space. This creates a cramped look or a closed-off view. Oppositely, stairs create an openness between rooms, making your home appear larger and more expansive. Floating stairs will give clean lines and a minimalist design, which make them a popular choice for open-concept homes.

Particularly, floating staircases can be an ideal solution for small living spaces or a tall, narrow home. Since stairs minimize or hide their support beams, (stringers), the area beneath them is open for storage.

Modern Floating Stairs

Are you inspired?

Do you want or need more storage room to avoid clutter? How about a staircase that will open up the room and enhance its natural light? Single or double stringer stairs are a great option for any project or home: indoor or outdoor, commercial or residential, large or small.

Southern Staircase’s expert team has years of experience building custom stairs for a wide variety of spaces. Did you know you can choose from several types of custom treads, railing designs, handrails, and materials?

Without a doubt, floating stairs are a stunningly beautiful addition to any home or commercial building. Although, they offer much more than their cosmetic appeal. Put your family and friends’ traditional staircases to shame with stunning stairs floating in mid-air.

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