How an Exterior Custom Staircase Can Elevate Your Home

Exterior stairs are not just functional. They are the key aesthetic element that sets the artistic tone of a property’s design. When inviting your guests over, your exterior stairs make the first impression of the home and determine its curb appeal. And nothing can enhance curb appeal like a beautiful custom staircase. Whether you are remodeling or starting from scratch, when you work with the talented team at Southern Staircase, you are guaranteed to receive an exterior custom staircase that exceeds all expectations.

What to Consider When Building Exterior Stairs

When constructing an exterior custom staircase for your home, placement is essential. It is important to decide whether the exterior stairs should be added to the front or the back of your property. Ask yourself which would provide the most impactful and inviting entrance for you and your guests.

Another important consideration is the use of balustrades. Balustrades are a type of stair railing that not only adds an artistic element but also provides safety to those using the staircase. They offer many benefits to custom staircases including improved mobility, injury prevention, and can increase your property value. When thinking about adding balustrades to your exterior stairs, it’s important to evaluate the type of material you want to use.

Best Materials to Use for Your Exterior Custom Staircase

While there are many material options available when designing your exterior stairs and balustrades, our experts recommend using wood or steel. It is important to know the positives and negatives of each material before deciding which will work best for your home.

Wood serves as an ideal option for exterior stairs because of its versatility. It not only comes in a variety of types and shades, but it can be stained to match any color scheme and is preferred if you are adding to an existing wooden patio or deck area. Wood is also easily customizable to fit any shape and size. However, wood is sensitive to the elements and can be damaged or warped by insects. This can require additional upkeep to ensure the staircase is properly maintained.

Steel is an excellent choice for an exterior custom staircase because it is extremely durable and resistant to weather fluctuations. It can also be very aesthetically pleasing when matched with other wooden elements of a home. And since it is more flexible than wood, steel is a great solution if you are interested in a spiral staircase.

Spiral Stairs are a Great Option for Your Custom Staircase Build 

When thinking about which type of staircase to use for your custom build, one great selection is a spiral staircase. Varying in style and complexity, spiral staircases are made to be measured and can be customized to fit your exact specifications. They are an especially good option if you are adding exterior stairs to a beachfront property.

Perfect for coastal cities, spiral staircases can maintain that marine feel of a beach house while providing unobstructed views of the ocean. Below are photos from our two favorite beachfront projects to demonstrate how spiral staircases are the perfect custom staircase solution for your beach house.

exterior custom staircase spiral

exterior custom staircase spiral commercial stairs

The Process of Constructing an Exterior Custom Staircase

From design to installation, our industry insiders at Southern Staircase will utilize their comprehensive project management to guide you through your custom build every step of the way.

  • Assist you throughout the style selection process
  • Provide precise measurements to ensure an optimal fit
  • Review material options including wood, steel and other combinations
  • Guide you to select a handrail and baluster system that fits your needs
  • Determine which installation options are ideal for your custom staircase

exterior custom staircase commercial stairs

Visit our spiral staircase gallery for additional product photos and details.

At Southern Staircase, our custom staircases are crafted and installed to perfection. Contact Southern Staircase today to schedule a consultation. When you work with Southern Staircase, you will receive a staircase that makes a statement for years to come.