Why Custom Floating Stairs are Good for Small Spaces

Custom floating stairs are not only classy and inventive, but they are a great space saver as well.

Many homeowners, businesses, and community buildings shy away from installing floating stairs. I bet you took one look at a picture of a floating staircase and thought, “Wow, that’s so beautiful, but I can’t afford that!” Yes, you most certainly can. A floating staircase adds value and beauty to your home, among other things.

Let’s dive into why a custom floating stairs project may be exactly what your space needs. Get ready to give your small space, more space!


Floating Staircase

Floating staircases are self-supported stairs with a railing system. The stair treads look as if they are floating in the air. This is due to the backbone of the staircase, also known as the stair stringer, being minimized. Therefore, the staircase requires no extra support between its underside to the floor below or its adjoining wall.

Think about the entire area that is closed off under a typical staircase. With floating stairs, this wasted or lost space is now open to whatever you want to put in it.


  • How about a plant?
  • A small dresser or table with some family pictures?
  • What about a comfy chair for a reading nook?
  • Why not put your cat or dog’s bed there to give them their own little area?
  • Or, what if you put nothing there? Simply let more sunlight light shine through, a natural serotonin boost.

The possibilities are endless with these open concept stairs.

For now, put aside the extra space that a floating staircase offers. Let’s take a look at another valuable element of it. Custom floating stairs bring a unique ambiance to small spaces, Floating stairs are essentially a work of modern art. Your space may be small, but it will be stunning.

Floating Staircase Design Process

When you’ve decided on installing custom floating stairs, the real fun begins. Design style, materials, and cost are important factors.

Mono stringer floating stairs (single support beam): Only one custom measured support beam runs the length of the staircase.

Double stringer floating stairs (dual support beams): Two custom fit support beams hold the length of your staircase.

All materials and mix and match styles are available for custom floating stairs.

  • Wood treads with cable railing
  • Metal treads with glass railing
  • Wood treads with glass railing
  • Metal treads with cable railing
  • Wood treads with steel railing
  • Stone treads with glass railing
  • Glass treads with glass railing
  • Tile treads with steel rod railing


Straight stairs are the most common, but as with all custom stairs, you truly can build any style of stairs you desire. While curved or L-shaped floating stairs will cost more, it depends on what is best for the space and area.

Stair treads, railings, and stringers are all completely customizable. Remember, any stairs custom made will be more expensive, although the real estate value it will add is worth more in the end.

Most importantly, whatever materials or design style you choose, the open space below will remain the same. Mono and dual stringer beams offer the same amount of free space under them. Floating stairs promise more total area volume than a traditional staircase.

Custom Floating Stairs

Are you feeling inspired?

Tired of your old, traditional staircase and ready for a revamp? Maybe you are building a new home from scratch. Custom floating stairs are a smart investment to add beauty, individuality, and create more space that you didn’t realize even existed.

Seriously, just imagine what you can do with a little extra room area. If you are thinking that you’re not going to need that extra space in the future, think again.

Southern Staircase is the custom stair experts. With top-of-the-line in-house engineering, we will work tirelessly to maximize the volume of your space. Our craft is enhancing the entire look of homes, offices, stores, and community buildings.

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