Blending Stainless Steel with a Glass Staircase

In recent years, the staircase market has experienced a surge of growth for modern staircases, such as a glass staircase. Contemporary style staircases bring many different options for railings, risers, and even the kind of balusters that are used. Stainless steel and glass have become one of the most popular pairings for those seeking a modern staircase, and it is not hard to see why. Versatile and beautiful, the combination of stainless steel and glass can be used to create a stunning look for any staircase. In this week’s blog, we take a look at some examples of projects that have blended stainless steel with glass for a stunning staircase and how it makes a statement.

Glass Stair Railing

Our first featured staircase is a straight stair that utilizes a stainless steel and glass handrail system. The stainless steel handrail and glass enhance the straight wood staircase and create a modern style. Here, a traditional and contemporary look fuse together nicely.

glass staircase

Our next featured staircase is unique because the stainless steel handrail, combined with the distressed glass, create a look that will capture the attention of anyone who walks in the home. This ultra-modern design has been growing in popularity. With an unfinished “washed” look, this modern glass and stainless steel railing system has been a very popular choice among both residential and commercial properties.

glass staircase and handrail

Our third featured staircase is an amazing triple threat: this stair utilizes a combination of stainless steel, glass, and wrought iron. Strength and class bring this unique look together to create an super-chic staircase. Talk about a conversation starter.

staircase room

Our final featured staircase shows that stainless steel and glass can be used with any kind of staircase, even an open riser like the one shown below. This staircase nicely compliments the home’s modern interior with the open risers, stainless steel, and glass. This is a great example of how glass illuminates the natural light in any room and holds surprising durability.

custom stairs

Modern Glass Staircase Design

The unique staircase possibilities are endless with a custom staircase built by our skilled team at Southern Staircase. Imagine floating glass stairs, glass paired with a cable railing, and much more. We are experienced in building staircases for homes and commercial stairs for community or office buildings. Read about our history to learn why we are leading the stair industry. We are masters of our craft and proud of it.

View our staircase gallery to see more options, as well as through our modern and stainless steel galleries for additional product photos and details. Or, you can check out our project galleries page. In fact, we have a plethora of resources including photos and descriptions to help you with your dream staircase. Even our blog is full of articles related to different stair designs and ideas that can help you.

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