The Right Stair Parts for Your Custom Staircase

On any given day, individuals walk up and down stairs, without any thought concerning the individual parts of the stairs, not to mention their size and dimension. For example, imagine you step up on a custom staircase, only to stump your toe because there is insufficient room to plant your foot. In this case, it’s likely that the stair tread is too shallow, and this poses a risk to anyone attempting to climb the staircase. Thus, while many equate a custom staircase with beauty and aesthetics, there’s an important functional aspect that requires expert knowledge of stair parts and coordinating components.

Stair Parts for a Custom Staircase

At Southern Staircase, we understand that it requires extensive experience and architectural insight to gather the right stair parts needed to customize a staircase. To develop a custom staircase design that’s both pleasing and functional, our talented team members bring a unique skill set to the table. As such, we begin with elegant products using the industry’s most durable, cost-efficient parts and materials.

Stair Treads

Given the above-mentioned example, consider the stair tread, or the part that you step onto as you climb a staircase. The distance from the front of the tread to the back affects the comfort and safety of the stair. A shallow stair tread can cause an individual to slip or miss a stair completely. Yet, a stair tread may also be too deep, making it difficult to take one step on each tread. In this case, an individual may feel as though they need to make a wider step each time.

Stair Risers

As the vertical component that creates space and/or height between each step, a stair riser ensures a safe and comfortable design. What’s more, it relates closely to the stair tread, as builders must consider the dynamic between the “rise and the run.” Therefore, though the desires of the client and the layout of a custom staircase are important, builders must first look to building codes for specific guidelines and regulations.

Stair Stringers

Another main staircase component are stair stringers. Though they are designed to make a statement, their durability and safety is key, as they serve the important purpose of securing each side of the staircase. Whether they are composed of wood or metal, stringers can be pre-cut/pre-built or customized to accommodate a client’s unique needs.

Southern Staircase is Ready to Collaborate with You for Your Custom Staircase

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