Straight Stairs: Never Go Wrong with This Classic and Simple Design

Sometimes a traditional staircase design is all your home needs to give it that extra-fresh flare. Straight stairs should never be ruled out when looking for a unique and easy way to upgrade your home or commercial space.

Do you already have a colorful mix of materials, colors, décor, or contemporary pieces in your space? Is a curved or spiral staircase not your style? Maybe, you just prefer to have the simplicity that a straight staircase and handrail offer.

Whatever your reason, we are here to say that straight staircases are still in fashion. Build the stunning modern staircase you’ve always wanted with our array of pre-made and custom design ideas and options.

Straight Stairs Design

Pre-designed straight stairs

Are you looking for an uncomplicated design for your straight staircase? Maybe you just don’t have the time to decide on a design or materials. With Southern Staircase, you can be sure that even the most basic model of straight stairs will be built with durability and style.

Custom straight stairs

With just a little extra pizazz, straight stairs can be customed-designed. Uniquely shaped balusters and newels with custom carvings and inscriptions are all possible. Many people choose to have a very basic straight staircase, then customize it.

  • First letter of your last name inscribed on the newel posts or railings
  • Bespoke stair treads
  • Wood, metal, or stone stairs with a glass or cable railing
  • Custom-carved metal or wooden railing

Commercial straight stairs

Are you looking for a straight staircase for an office, retail store, bank, university, library, or other community building? Our experienced engineer and design team is up to date on building codes, licenses, and other regulations. We have created stunning commercial staircases for different building spaces in all 50 states.

Straight Staircase Ideas

Floating stairs

A floating staircase is more costly due to its single or double stringer stair design. Although, if you have the money in your budget for a straight floating staircase, then your space would highly benefit from one. Especially if you have a small space, floating straight stairs truly open up the area of a room and create more storage.

Custom Flared Straight Staircase

This type of staircase has a wider mouth at the bottom. This is a wonderful “add-on” to your traditional straight stairs design.

Open Riser Stairs

An open riser staircase is very common for straight, curved, and spiral stairs. This design, just like a floating staircase, opens up the room, as well as lets natural light float throughout the space.

Straight Stairs Plan with Southern Staircase

Whether you are a homeowner, general contractor, architect, or homebuilder, Southern Staircase can build the perfect straight staircase for your space. The most important factor we analyze is, “What is best for your space?”

Feeling inspired?

Our stair experts are excited to hear from you and your home décor dreams! You can start experimenting with our Stair Artist tool now. Do you know exactly what you want?

Contact our team today to get started on your straight staircase or stair renovation.