Why are Wrought Iron Railings So Popular?

Wrought iron railings can be an exciting addition to any home or investment property. Specifically, wrought iron railings are one of our favorite handrail design options to highlight. Simply put, they are true works of art.

Today, let’s explore the reasons behind the growing popularity of wrought iron stair railings and how they have grown to become one of our most popular product offerings.


Wrought Iron Railings

Wrought Iron Exterior Railings

Wrought iron is a malleable and durable material used to make outdoor gates, fences, decks, balconies, and more. First, unlike wood or aluminum railings, it is a material that can withstand the elements because it’s rust-free. Exterior stair railings made of wrought iron will without a doubt, stand the test of time.

As discussed in our previous blog, iron railings are hand-welded ornamental metal systems. They are crafted to be paired with curved or straight staircases. The handrail systems are designed by our industry-leading team, fabricated in our state-of-the-art metal facility by skilled artisan welders, and finished with powder coating to withstand the test of time.

Wrought Iron Interior Railings

Each wrought iron railing is custom-made precisely for the coordinating staircase. Our designs range from minimalist to elaborate in a multitude of traditional and contemporary patterns. Most importantly, our process remains simple: design, weld, finish, and install.

As with any staircase, the primary function of a handrail system is safety. Built with careful, precise measurement and high-quality construction, a wrought iron handrail system offers a striking aesthetic appeal. Certain elements of our wrought iron railings include:

  • Durability, meeting all safety requirements
  • Ability to support weight against the railing from any angle
  • Code compliance for vertical heights and horizontal spacing


Rising Popularity of Wrought Iron Stair Railings

Why is this handrail product so popular? Wrought iron stair railings are timeless, lending a sophisticated style and welcoming appeal. Along with timeless beauty, wrought iron also offers a great deal of versatility. Interior or exterior railing systems can create artistic and durable stairs for both commercial and residential spaces.

From traditional to industrial, from rustic to whimsical, custom wrought iron railings can be designed and built to fit any space. This high level of versatility has led to a great rise in popularity in recent years.

A wrought iron stair railing allows you to bring a piece of art into the space you’re building or designing. Whether you’re looking for a decorative or simple style, our team can design and create the perfect ornamental metal railing. Take space to new levels and enhance flooring or lighting with the help from Southern Staircase.

Are you looking to create a curved staircase with a sophisticated and luxurious style? Or, perhaps you want to emphasize the clean lines of a straight staircase with parallel lines and geometric shapes? From classic looks to escalating trends including farmhouse style and contemporary design, our team of craftsmen will build the perfect wrought iron handrail system to fit any staircase, style, and client needs.

In addition to unique shapes and designs, you may select the finish that best fits the space. With a variety of powder-coated finishes available, feel free to get creative. Black wrought iron is beautiful on its own, while oil-rubbed bronze and nickel offer unique enhancements to the design.

With flexibility in design and extreme durability in construction, wrought iron handrail systems have proven to be an excellent choice for clients. Enhance a residential or commercial space now with a new staircase and wrought iron stair railing.


Railings by Southern Staircase

A wrought iron railing could be exactly what the space needs. View our blog on wrought iron handrails for additional details and pictures of our exquisite projects. From inspiration to installation, our team is committed to designing and building the highest quality custom stairs. Our reputation speaks for itself and client satisfaction is our highest priority.

Contact us today to discuss installing a beautiful, timeless wrought iron staircase railing.