Why Curved Stairs and Wrought Iron Railings are the Perfect Pairing

When it comes to custom stairs, there is an endless array of design elements that can come together to create beautiful staircases. However, when it comes to refinement and appeal, there is no greater pairing than curved stairs with wrought iron railings. From inspiration to installation, Southern Staircase builds custom staircases guaranteed to exceed your expectations.

What Makes Curved Stairs and Wrought Iron Railings Such a Good Pairing?

There are many decorative components that make curved stairs and wrought iron railings so striking when paired together.

  • Individually, both curved stairs and wrought iron railings have the ability to be designed in many ways with many different types of materials. So, when they are combined, they create a plethora of ornamental options that can be customized to fit any style or motif.


  • Aesthetic appeal. The round contours of curved stairs create a movement that is very pleasing to the eye. And when this sophisticated spiral is paired with the elegance of wrought railings, the results are remarkable.


  • One of the signature elements of wrought railings is in the transparency of their design. The openings within the handrails provide an airy and opulent aesthetic that adds a luxurious look to the home.


  • Highlight signature home features. Between beautiful foyers and extravagant chandeliers, you may have unique features within your home that you would like to highlight. And by framing them with curved stairs and wrought iron railings, they are sure to get noticed.


  • Create clean designs. While railings are often constructed to be detailed and ornate, they can also be welded to have simplistic, straight lines. This not only creates clean designs but can also help curved stairs with unique trim steal the spotlight.

The Process of Constructing Wrought Iron Railings for your Curved Stairs

When it comes to creating curved stairs with wrought iron railings, the experts at Southern Staircase will utilize their thirty years of experience to craft you a staircase that is well-constructed and visually appealing. Depending on your preferred specifications, the design team will work with you to provide handrail options that can fit any design and style, including railings with hammered and smooth textures, as well as powder-coated finishes that are superior to painted products.

Then, the in-house team of talented welders will forge wrought iron railings that are ensured to fit your curved stairs by providing CAD drawings, renderings, mockups and measuring services prior to installation. And with their turn-key approach, the execution of your custom staircase is guaranteed to be flawless.

Southern Staircase Can Create the Custom Staircase of Your Dreams Today

If you think you’re ready to install curved stairs with wrought iron railings in your home, work with the talented team at Southern Staircase to get custom stairs that are designed, crafted and installed to perfection. Contact Southern Staircase today to schedule a consultation.

At Southern Staircase, our staircases are tailored to fit your personal style and unique needs.