Wrought Iron Railings: Always On Trend

Wrought iron railings are among the most popular types of stair rails used across the country. As such, they remain a versatile, dependable option for residential and commercial properties of any style and décor, not to mention their elegant, graceful appearance becomes more attractive with time.

The History of Wrought Iron Railings

Given its resistance to weather, wrought iron was originally installed in spiral staircases for tall buildings and lighthouses. Over time, home and business owners requested various styles of wrought iron, as the material not only promoted safety for occupants, it enhanced the interior and exterior surroundings. In turn, the wrought iron proved highly durable, resistant to vibration and shock, and it could be molded into many shapes—without compromising its strength. Today, wrought iron stair railings continue to be “on trend,” with designs ranging from simple and traditional to ornate and contemporary.

Wrought Iron Railings are a Safe Choice

With virtually no limits to the style of wrought iron railings, homeowners and businesses have the freedom to be as creative as they wish. Even more important, they can be assured of the safety and security of those on their property. To better understand, every stair railing is subject to specific building codes and regulations, and railings are necessary to prevent accidents such as slips and falls. Yet, railings composed of wrought iron are both functional and safe. Though they are a greater investment when compared to other materials, they are not susceptible to breakdown, and can last a very long time.

Sleek, High Value Stair Railings For Your Home Or Commercial Property

With genuine components, powder coated finishes and color combinations, wrought iron is a sleek, high value solution for indoor and outdoor spaces. As a distinguishing element of a staircase, wrought iron adds enormous curb appeal to one’s home or commercial property.

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