Open Riser Residential Stairs Offer a Clean, Modern Look

If you are looking for a fresh start for your next home staircase project, open riser residential stairs will not disappoint. Open riser stairs are the now and the future of modern home décor, offering a contemporary look with traditional strength and comfort.

Let’s look at exactly what the possibilities bring for open riser residential stairs.


Open Riser Stairs are Unique but Traditional

What is the difference between floating stairs and open riser stairs?

These two terms can be used interchangeably. A floating staircase can have closed or open risers (the absence of the vertical backboard in between each stair tread). This open space allows the free movement of light within each step. Floating stairs and open riser stairs can both be positioned in the middle of a room and not against a wall for support. Although, a floating stairway usually is positioned away from the wall to create the true illusion the stairs are floating. As such, the railing system is also not attached to the wall and appears as if this too is floating.

What is unique about open riser residential stairs?

  • Versatility never gets boring

Open riser stairs are pretty impressive. This design can be used in outdoor staircases, curved or spiral stairs, flared stairs, and more. Essentially, whether for commercial or residential stairs, the open riser concept can be designed to fit almost any configuration. Have the expert team at Southern Staircase design and install your open riser stairs from metal, glass, wood, or a mixture of the three.

  • Light catcher

To start, as stated before, open riser stairs are transparent; they let in light through each step from the removal of the riser (the vertical backboard).

  • Larger than life

Due to the open space between each stair, the staircase as a whole doesn’t disturb your line of sight. In other words, the area looks larger than it is. Open riser stairs especially blend well with an open floorplan.

  • Simple modernity

Clean, open lines create an innovative, minimalistic, and sleek style. Pair dark wood treads with a thin aluminum cable railing for an ultra-luxe modern look. Or, pair a glass and steel railing system with wood or metal stair treads.

Open Riser Residential Stairs

Are open riser residential stairs safe for children?

Yes, of course, as long as they are built to the International Residential Code standards (IRC). At Southern Staircase, safety is one of our pillars. Designing and installing staircases that are built to residential and commercial building codes are of utmost importance. In the beginning stage of the design process, we draw up a CAD (computer-aided design), complete with the appropriate handrail and stair tread dimensions required for the IRC.

Are open riser stairs less sturdy because the riser is gone from each stair?

Definitely not. Open risers are marked by their beautiful thick stair treads that highlight the material used, whether it is wood, glass, or metal. Here at Southern Staircase, quality is the foundation of every staircase we build. Yes, of course, stairways should be easy on the eyes, but safety first.

Residential Stairs by Southern Staircase

Are you interested in installing open riser stairs for your next project? Whether you have a specific design or materials in mind or need inspiration, the design and build team at Southern Staircase is ready.

Contact us today to tell us about your residential stairs project. Are you building an individual house, a series of homes, or a development? Will the stairs be indoor or outdoor?  We are excited to get started on a CAD drawing for your project to become reality.