How We Design Commercial Floating Stairs

Commercial floating stairs add value and beauty to retail stores, community buildings, offices, apartment complexes, and more. If you think custom floating staircases are just meant for luxury homes, you’re mistaken.

Let’s examine why floating stairs may be just the project to set your commercial space above the rest.

What is a Floating Staircase?

The stair design behind a floating staircase and its railing system create the illusion that the stairs are floating in the air. Since the supporting base structure (stringer) is minimized, it gives the look as if the stairs are detached and almost levitating midair.

Why would I need something so fancy for a commercial space?

Floating stairs may be fancy, but that is not all they offer. Hey, it’s not the floating staircase’s fault that it is just so appealing. Do you want to add space and real estate value to your commercial building? A floating staircase will give you this by opening the space below the stairs.

Due to their minimalistic design, floating staircases open up the space underneath the stairs which usually hidden by traditional staircases. Since this space is open, an open layout is created. Plus, the design of floating stairs doesn’t require them to be connected to a wall for support.  Isn’t this versatility at its best?

Think about all of the traffic your commercial space sees in one week or month. Picture all of the people (or animals) who walk the stairs. Level, up your space with a floating staircase. Let’s take a look at some commercial floating stairs and railing design ideas.

Commercial Stairs

With Southern Staircase, you can trust that our first-class engineering team will build safe, unyielding commercial floating stairs. To determine cost, calculations on the stair structure need to be performed. This of course varies depending on the location and complexity of your floating stairs, Plus, many commercial staircases require additional engineering due to being a high traffic environment.


Commercial Stair Shape and Railing Style Construction Cost

  • Straight stairs – $
  • Straight stairs with landing – $$
  • L-shaped stairs with landing – $$$
  • Curved or flared stairs with 1 or more landings – $$$$-$$$$$
  • Spiral stairs (may not require a landing)– $$$$$-$$$$$$

Remember, another factor into cost is the type of materials used. All materials are available for commercial floating stairs and railings.

  • Wood treads with cable railing
  • Metal treads with glass railing
  • Wood treads with glass railing
  • Metal treads with cable railing
  • Wood treads with steel railing
  • Stone treads with glass railing
  • Glass treads with glass railing
  • Tile treads with steel rod railing


Commercial Stair Stringer (Supporting Backbone)

  • Mono stringer floating stairs have a single support beam that runs the length of the staircase.
  • Double stringer floating stairs have dual support beams to hold the length of the staircase.

Metal stairs are the most common in commercial buildings and can be created from a variety of materials.

  • Rectangular, square, or round steel tubing
  • “C” Channel
  • “I” Beam
  • Laser cut or waterjet solid steel plates
  • Custom-made hollow form

Thick wood treads are also a great option for high traffic areas and can be complimented with any material railing.

Custom Commercial Floating Stairs

Are you feeling inspired?

Whatever the project, now is your opportunity to build a commercial staircase that makes a real statement.

Southern Staircases’ commercial floating stairs will most definitely add real estate value to your property, as well as be a stunning work of modern art. Even commercial spaces deserve a classy, modern esthetic. Let your imagination run wild with our Stair Artist tool.

 It’s time to level up your commercial space.

Contact Southern Staircase now to discuss location, materials, cost, and more.