Design Styles for Commercial Stairs

Commercial stairs range in style from classic and traditional to ultra-modern and contemporary. A commercial staircase sets the scene for a space, giving an area the design and feel the owner intended. No matter the style, at Southern Staircase, we work collaboratively with general contractors, builders, architects, and designers to take commercial buildings to a new level. Here we’ll discuss design and material options for both stair carriages and handrail systems.

Commercial Stair Carriages: Wood vs. Steel

Both wooden and steel carriages are highly popular in commercial stair design. Each option offers lasting quality and durability while lending a certain aesthetic to the staircase.

With impressive versatility, wood carriages offer a solid foundation for a commercial staircase of any style. Wood can be paired with any of our balustrade and handrail options in both traditional and modern settings.

While wooden carriages have stood the test of time, steel carriages have grown in popularity in recent years. Bringing a clean, finished look to a space, steel carriages are sophisticated and sleek. The ability to work interactively with steel creates an advantage when constructing highly complex designs. Our customers often tell us they enjoy the custom, unique feel of a steel stair carriage.

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Commercial Stairs Balusters and Handrail Systems

In commercial stair design, another major element to consider is the handrail system. Our wide range of baluster and handrail systems offer limitless customization options, beautifully complimenting both wood and steel stair carriages.

Wooden balusters and handrail systems are a classic choice with countless possibilities. While many may associate wooden handrails with traditional design styles, our team can build creative wooden handrails for commercial stairs of all styles, from traditional to modern and everything in between.

For those truly seeking a modern appeal, glass handrail systems are sleek, simple, and clean. A highly popular choice for contemporary commercial staircases, a glass rail allows open views, showcasing all the space has to offer.

Like glass, cable railings offer clean lines, open views, and lasting durability. Cable handrails have quickly grown to become a popular choice for both interior and exterior commercial stair design.

For clean lines and sophistication, another handrail material to consider is stainless steel. These handrails and balusters are strikingly modern, serving as conversation pieces.

Finally, for those seeking one-of-a-kind commercial stairs, you simply cannot go wrong with a custom wrought iron railing. Our talented team of welders works to hand-forge each piece of ornamental metal, making each stair system a true work of art.

As you consider handrail and baluster options, don’t forget that unique combinations of materials often create the most beautiful designs. Are you seeking inspiration for unique commercial stairs? Whether your commercial space is open and modern, rustic, craftsman-style, or elaborate and traditional, our team can bring your unique vision to life.

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Are you inspired?

Visit our commercial stairs product gallery for additional details and pictures on our exquisite projects.  From inspiration to installation our team is committed to designing and building the highest quality custom staircases.  Our reputation speaks for itself and client satisfaction is our highest priority.

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