How Cable Railings are Transforming the Staircase Market

Cable railings have been used for years because of their strong and durable nature. In recent years, they have been heavily adopted into the staircase and exterior railing market. This is due to their ability to blend in with their surroundings and offer unobstructed views of their surroundings. Aluminum and stainless-steel railings are safe, easy to install, and very easy to maintain.

In fact, these modern railings are transforming the staircase market. Never before has a railing system been able to transform a staircase into a piece of modern art as subtly as cable railings can. In this week’s blog, we take a look at some of our projects that involve cable railings and discuss why they are becoming so popular.


Straight Stair Cable Railings

Our first featured staircase shows how cable railings can be a perfect addition to any staircase. As shown below, the thin horizontal cable railing compliments the traditional wood straight staircase and handrail. It also adds a flair of modernity. A cable railing can definitely give any custom straight staircase some spunk and personality.

cable railings

Our second featured staircase displays the popular combination of a floating staircase and cable railings. This is truly an ultra-modern look that will be a conversation starter for sure. Any homeowner, business, or community building can benefit from unobstructed views of the surrounding space and floors. Plus, the cable railing adds to the sleek and contemporary look. In the design business, we know that floating staircases add a lot of storage space to any area and showcase natural light.

cable railings

Cable Railings for Curved Staircases

Next, is a unique wooden curved staircase that utilizes cable railings to create a look of contemporary sophistication. Look below this floating staircase and you will see all of the extra space it provides. Again, a cable stair railing allows for an open concept for light to permeate the space.


cable railings


Exterior Cable Railings

Our final featured project is an outdoor balcony cable deck railing that offers a clear view of the horizon and enhances the railing’s modern look. The beautiful black metal vertical and top rails and thick wood planks compliment the silver cable perfectly.

cable railings

Visit our cable railing system gallery to view additional product photos and details of various material stair components complimenting each other.


Cable Railing Systems by Southern Staircase

Are you inspired?

Without a doubt, cable railings offer a sleek, modern look to enhance any staircase or balcony. With clean lines, an open concept, and outstanding durability, cable railings are an excellent choice for contemporary staircase projects, both interior and exterior. Think how stunning an exterior cable deck railing would look leading out to a backyard, or for an outside pool area or pagoda.

With over 30 years of experience, our team has delivered top-quality cable railing systems from coast to coast. Our team of experts works collaboratively with architects, homeowners, builders, designers, and developers throughout all phases of design and delivery.

From inspiration to installation, our industry-leading team will support you.

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