Flared Staircases: A Versatile Design Just for Your Space

If your foyer is too small for a traditional or grand curved staircase, or if you are seeking a unique visual design that stands out from the rest, a flared staircase is an excellent choice. When you add a slight curve to the bottom of your stairs, this satisfies both conventional and contemporary styles, making flared staircases a versatile option that is safe and functional. Materials such as wood, metal, or glass are used by the innovative team at Southern Staircase to work collaboratively with clients when customizing an original flared staircase from inspiration to installation.

Modern Flared Staircases: Wood Designs

Naturally durable, long-lasting, and warm, flared staircases comprised of wood add a natural, organic component and timeless appeal to any space. While wooden flared modern staircases certainly make a statement, they add tremendous value to a home or business. Practically speaking, they are easy to maintain and are beneficial to those with allergies to dust and particles.

Modern Flared Staircases: Metal Design

Also noted for their maximum durability, metal flared staircases are built to last and require very little maintenance. Because they are resistant to the effects of varying temperatures, they are an excellent option for indoor and outdoor custom staircase designs. Given the latest trends and styles, metal components offer a seamless, clean look that compliments any space. When paired with wooden accents and custom-designed handrails, a metal flared staircase provides a warm welcome to any entryway or foyer.

Modern Flared Staircases: Glass Design

Elegant and highly attractive, a flared staircase comprised of glass is eye-catching, with the ability to coordinate with any architectural or décor theme. Though some believe that glass is delicate or fragile, it is incredibly durable and is regularly used in homes and industries throughout the world.

As it reflects light beautifully throughout the day, a flared glass staircase widens narrow, small spaces and is a highlight for any home or business complex. Finally, glass materials can be sandblasted to ensure that they are slip-free and safe for families and guests.

Whatever material or combination of materials that you choose for your flared staircase, one thing is certain, incorporating a flare in your staircase is an excellent way to personalize a straight staircase design or add curb appeal to your home or office.

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