Build Stunning Custom Curved Staircases

Curved staircases are a fantastic option for the custom luxury homes you build or design. The graceful sleek look of curved stairs upholds a long-lasting eye-catching aesthetic incomparable to traditional straight stairs. Requests for curves in home design are increasing; it’s time to start incorporating curved stairs into the spaces you create.


Why Build Curved Staircases?

A Design Trend with Staying Power

To highlight, curves have become a modern interior design trend that has proved its staying power. Curved lines can highlight colors, space, patterns, and volume seamlessly through their asymmetrical shapes.

Majestic Style

A curved staircase creates a striking regal design feature; its curve resembles a gently flowing arc or ribbon. If wanting to add more grandeur to the homes you build or design, curved staircases offer prestige without lacking functionality. A curved staircase will, without a doubt, become a great investment and increase any home’s value.

Impeccable Design Work

The utmost care is performed in calculating the dimensions of your custom curved staircases. Three factors make up the design process: the vertical rise height, angle of rotation, and diameter of the staircase itself.

Endless Style and Material Options

Complement a home’s unique panache with a lavish curved staircase. Curved wooden or metal stair treads pair effortlessly with shiny cable railing systems or custom smooth glass balustrades to showcase natural light and movement. Imagine pairing smooth timber treads with a hand-forged wrought iron railing and bespoke newel posts.

Maybe you can combine curved metal treads with an elegant wooden handrail and spindles for a contemporary staircase marked by modern conventionality. If you’re looking to work with concrete, it can be poured on-site or made from pre-cast concrete treads created in our state-of-the-art factory.

Expand Your Space

Curved stairs can conform to any space. This gives you more to work with in creating a customized exclusive living or working area. You can make the curve as wide or as narrow as you need, as well as oval or elliptical in shape. The landing platform is also a crucial design element; it can be square, round, or trapezoidal. With turn-key curved stairs, the possibilities are limitless.


Curved Staircases by Southern Staircase

Are you looking for some inspiration to get started? Take a look at curved stair galleries to see what would look best in the homes you are building. There are endless angles and materials to work with when it comes to curved stairs. Do you already have design ideas in mind? This is a great starting point.

Southern Staircase offers a tailored approach in each stage of development, from design to installation. All curved staircases are made to measure to meet clients’ specific requirements and building code regulations. We look forward to discussing staircase design ideas and options and can create CAD drawings of staircase designs so you can preview what the stairs will look like.

Take entryways and foyers to next-level luxury with curved staircases where homeowners can climb and descend like royalty. Get started today with the design and build experts at Southern Staircase.

Contact the team of stair experts now to begin your curved stairs project.