A Glass Staircase Balustrade is Everything but Ordinary

Take the homes or spaces you build or design to the ultimate level of extravagance and prestige with a stunning custom glass staircase or glass balcony balustrade. There is certainly nothing ordinary about the inclusion of glass elements. A unique focal point, custom glass railing systems bring numerous benefits to the exquisiteness of staircases, walkways, balconies, decks, pools, and more.


Benefits of a Glass Staircase or Balcony Balustrade

Installation and Maintenance

With the seamless fitting of the glass panels, railing, and screw-in joints, homeowners can enjoy an array of clean lines and a classic timeless look exuding grace and innovation.

Homeowners can have glass balustrades that stay flawless and sparkling with simple and quick cleaning to maintain their illustrious beauty. Glass does not mold, rot, rust, or warp; it transcends time.

Unobstructed View

Glass staircase or balcony panels open up and enlarge any area. Since glass is transparent and nearly invisible, even the narrowest staircase appears wider and more spacious.

Create an infinite continuous flow of light between a surrounding area and its landscape.

Bring lush greenery, snow-capped mountains, or blue oceanfront to life right before you effortlessly into any space.

A Wise Investment

Glass has become the most attractive and sought-after material for homeowners in staircases and balconies due to its sleek clean lines and ultra-luxurious feel. Wood and metal can lose their luster, but tempered glass will not. Future homeowners will not turn down the chance to have custom glass elements in their homes. Give homeowners something they can continuously enjoy and show off. If they intend to sell the home in the future, they can pass on a piece of art to another homeowner.


Tempered Glass Balcony or Glass Staircase Balustrades

Durable and Safe

Tempered glass is used for custom balustrades. It is treated at a very high temperature, making it extremely strong enough to withstand hurricane-force winds. Specifically, tempered glass will not break or crack into large, sharp pieces when exposed to extreme temperatures or change color.

There are also no slats or openings in glass panels. It’s impossible for a child or pet to stick their limbs and head through a glass balustrade, get stuck, or fall through. Similarly, glass is difficult for children to climb on as there are no places for them to gain traction or nestle their hands or feet.

*Important note: Our team ensures your glass balustrade can meet the strict building code requirements of your space well before the time of installation.


Glass is recyclable and not chemical reactive (chemically inert), making it safe for long-lasting use in any home or business. Unlike iron and other metals, glass does not oxide or release harmful substances over time. Glass is a definitive element that homeowners will feel proud about having in their homes.


A Glass Staircase Balustrade by Southern Staircase

Without a doubt, a custom glass staircase balustrade ensures safety without compromising on beauty and sophistication. Defy space and light with a stunning glass staircase balustrade from Southern Staircase. Your architects will work with a skilled team of designers for interior or exterior staircases to showcase the beautiful homes you build. Choose from a range of shapes, sizes, transparencies, and tints.

All of the calculations and fabrication are done on-site using innovative technology. A collaborative on-time installation process is guaranteed. With a few basic measurements and photos of your space, CAD drawings can be created.

Contact Southern Staircase’s team of designers and engineers now to get started on your next glass staircase project(s).