Why Open Riser Stairs Are a Popular Choice

Open riser stairs are a type of staircase in which the “rise” –the vertical space between adjacent treads – is open, rather than enclosed. This construction offers unobstructed views between each stair tread. The unique open riser staircase design option has been growing in popularity for years, both in residential and commercial settings.

The growing open riser trend is largely due to the sleek transparency the design offers. The construction of the stairs offers a modern and airy feel, while also giving the perception of a larger space as it allows daylight to shine through. Usually seen in contemporary staircase designs, open riser stairs offer a modern and highly sophisticated look and feel.


Open Riser Staircase Trends

If you’re interested in a staircase that works with many styles, open riser stairs are a great option. Open riser construction is a versatile option and can be used across many staircase styles. Whether designing a residential or commercial staircase, open risers are ideal for creating an open, well-lit space. With endless design options, this style can be incorporated into both straight and curved staircases for interior and exterior projects.


Examples of Open Riser Stairs

To get a feel for open riser stairs, let’s take a look at three unique open riser staircases and the impact they have on their spaces.

First, a beautiful curved residential staircase offers an interesting blend of solid and open features. The wood treads and custom hand-welded wrought iron handrail system are offset by the airiness of the open risers.  This unique staircase adds to the sophistication of a luxury residence.

examples open riser stairs

Next, a modern open riser staircase was constructed to complement the more contemporary design of an apartment complex clubhouse. Featuring a glass and stainless-steel handrail with dual wooden stringers and wood treads, this L-shaped stair system truly enhances the commercial space’s design. The open risers and glass features together offer increased transparency and even greater lighting.

modern open riser stairs


Open riser staircases are not only used within interior spaces; they are an excellent choice for exterior stairs as well. Below, a modern, straight mono stringer staircase enhances a building exterior with clean lines. Steel cables accent the hand-forged metal handrail and newels, creating a high-end look.

outdoor open riser stairs

Safety Code

To ensure open riser stairs are both built to code and extremely safe for use, precautions are taken to ensure appropriate spacing between treads. Two popular options include:

  • Decreasing open space by adjusting dimensions of the nosing at the front of the treads
  • Adding steel or wood bars to decrease the space

These options ensure safety and enhance the aesthetics of the staircase, offering an added contemporary flair.

It’s important to work with an experienced staircase builder to ensure your stairs are well-constructed and completely safe. Our outstanding team at Southern Staircase is committed to delivering the highest quality construction in every project making sure your open riser stairs are not only stunning to look at but secure to last a lifetime.


Open Riser Stairs by Southern Staircase

Feeling Inspired?

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