Pre-Designed Residential Stairs Don’t Have to Be Cookie-Cutter

When it comes to mass-producing homes and residential stairs, the faster and cheaper to build, the better, right? However, this gives many home buyers the feeling of redundancy. Not many people want their home’s exterior and layout to look exactly the same as their neighbor’s.

In the construction industry, we all know that production homes are very sought-after for their stress-free floor plans that offer a couple of different choices for home buyers to choose from. What’s better than giving each home a more unique feel and allowing each family or homeowner to choose what works best for them?

Even though production homes offer both home buyers and home builders enormous value and savings, home buyers deserve a quality, unique staircase.


How We’re Changing the Production Home Industry

Fortunately, the team at Southern Staircase has partnered with countless production builders and architects across the country, providing custom residential stairs that incorporate mixed styles and flexibility. As such, home buyers benefit from greater options at an exceptional value. What’s more, our highly skilled team works alongside contractors and developers seeking inspiration for their next production staircase design.


Residential Stairs: From Cookie-Cutter to One-of-a-Kind

Though similar in structure, production residential stairs do not have to be “cookie-cutter versions” of the staircase next door. While production builders pull from a library of floor plans and construction types, there is room for personalization. According to The National Association of Home Builders (NAHB), most production-based home-builders offer:

  • Home and land as a package
  • A range of house plans to choose from
  • A menu of choices for several different products

The bottom line when it comes to production homes and residential stairways is that while the construction process is more scripted, buyers’ input is welcome. For instance, imagine a builder’s staircase series with features such as a double bullnose tread, stringers, or painted risers. What if home buyers were awarded the option of scroll and basket iron spindles or post-to-post railings?

At Southern Staircase, we cater to builders and home buyers with versatile production staircase options. For residential stairs, we offer prefabricated stair treads, pre-cut stair stringers, and pre-built staircase risers that fit all layouts and styles. Furthermore, our robust team has the knowledge and capability to design elegant, attractive residential staircases that are cost-effective and code-compliant. Along with wood and steel stair carriages, we specialize in an array of materials for balustrades. Some of these include wood, glass, stainless steel, cable rails, and hand-forged welded systems.


Residential Stairs that are Cost-Effective and Code-Compliant

Regardless of budget or other constraints, the team of skilled craftsmen at Southern Staircase will deliver premium residential stairs and stair part services to match. From inspiration to installation, we bring over 30 years of reliable processes to staircase projects. Of the 17 national production home builders, we have partnered with 14 of them. We understand the needs of builders, contractors, and developers when it comes to consistency in manufacturing and installation.

Let’s discuss your production staircase project today. Call Southern Staircase now at 888-510-0342 or contact us online!