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Build Stunning Custom Curved Staircases Alpharetta, GA

Author: AIS Media

Build Stunning Custom Curved Staircases

curved staircases

Curved staircases are a fantastic option for the custom luxury homes you build or design. The graceful sleek look of curved stairs upholds a long-lasting eye-catching aesthetic incomparable to traditional straight stairs. Requests for curves in home design are increasing; it’s time to start incorporating curved stairs into the spaces you create.   Why Build…

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A Glass Staircase Balustrade is Everything but Ordinary

glass staircase balustrade

Take the homes or spaces you build or design to the ultimate level of extravagance and prestige with a stunning custom glass staircase or glass balcony balustrade. There is certainly nothing ordinary about the inclusion of glass elements. A unique focal point, custom glass railing systems bring numerous benefits to the exquisiteness of staircases, walkways,…

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A Manufactured Modern Staircase Offers Many Benefits to Today’s Homebuilder

manufactered stairs for modern staircase

Now more than ever,  homebuilders should be able to rely on companies that produce high-quality materials, such as for a modern staircase, that can be delivered quickly at a fair price. Home builders looking to install superior staircases can depend on Southern Staircase’s manufactured stairs and handrail systems. Our manufactured stairs are built in sections…

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Install a Fresh Exterior Railing System to Make an Outdoor Space Pop

exterior railing system

An exterior railing system for your outdoor stairs or balcony project offers unlimited cool breezes, sunshine, open air, and beautiful landscapes for homeowners. Any architect or homebuilder would agree that exterior railings serve as a durable safety net for any outdoor space. People of all ages, animals, and more are guarded against the ground below…

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Open Riser Residential Stairs Offer a Clean, Modern Look

Stainless Steel Staircase residential stairs open riser stairs

If you are looking for a fresh start for your next home staircase project, open riser residential stairs will not disappoint. Open riser stairs are the now and the future of modern home décor, offering a contemporary look with traditional strength and comfort. Let’s look at exactly what the possibilities bring for open riser residential…

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Benefits of Stainless Steel Handrails for Commercial and Residential Stairs

stainless steel handrails staircase architecture

While handrails are the essential safety element of a staircase, they deserve to be visually appealing as well. Many people focus on the design of stair treads or balustrades and ignore the aesthetics of handrails. A stair handrail comes into constant contact with pressure, skin oils, dings, and more. Therefore, it is important to install…

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Handrails are a Functional Part of Staircases


Many times, the design and thought into handrails are overlooked. As a creator, we’re sure you agree that staircases are vital elements of safety and function for homes, offices, stores, and buildings. Handrails are the most used part of any staircase, next to stair treads. Responsible for supporting and stabilizing endless weight and pressure, staircase…

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5 Reasons Wrought Iron Railings are Remarkable

wrought iron railings

Wrought iron is an astounding material used for outdoor fencing, gates, curtain rods, bed frames, and much more. Specifically, wrought iron railings on custom staircases are popular because they pair stunningly with wood, stone, and other metals. At Southern Staircase, our team excels in working with wrought iron for both exterior and interior railings because…

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Straight Stairs: Never Go Wrong with This Classic and Simple Design

straight stairs

Sometimes a traditional staircase design is all your home needs to give it that extra-fresh flare. Straight stairs should never be ruled out when looking for a unique and easy way to upgrade your home or commercial space. Do you already have a colorful mix of materials, colors, décor, or contemporary pieces in your space?…

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Why Custom Floating Stairs are Good for Small Spaces

custom floating stairs

Custom floating stairs are not only classy and inventive, but they are a great space saver as well. Many homeowners, businesses, and community buildings shy away from installing floating stairs. I bet you took one look at a picture of a floating staircase and thought, “Wow, that’s so beautiful, but I can’t afford that!” Yes,…

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