Characteristics of a Metal and Wooden Baluster – Let Us Help You Choose

With so many design options and materials available, how do you choose the perfect baluster system for your commercial or residential staircase?  Whether you are seeking a wooden baluster, rich in traditional style, or an elegant, modern metal baluster, there are many factors to consider. In this post, we will discuss the unique characteristics of both baluster systems to help you determine the perfect fit for your staircase.

Metal vs. Wooden Baluster Styles – Either is a Great First Impression

We often say that a staircase makes a significant first impression upon those entering a home or commercial space. One important aspect of a staircase is the baluster system, also known as the spindles and newel. Both metal and wooden balusters are popular options, and each offers distinct features, safety, and style. Versatile metal such as cable or wrought iron balusters complements every design, from curved, straight, L-shape, and U-shape staircases.

Likewise, wood balusters are also versatile. Wood stair parts always serve as the classic option, bringing in southern charm as seen in our recently featured sorority homes blog series. As a whole, balusters are really what bring out the design of any handrail, especially the newel post. Also known as the top baluster, newel posts are the central supporting pillar and is last on the bottom of the stairs. Newels can really make your staircase pop. Whether with a unique, square top, box newel or classic rounded or pin top newel, any design looks great.

The Signature Look of Metal Balusters

First, let’s take a look at metal balusters and what makes them so appealing. Extremely popular in interior design today, metal fits all settings, from minimalist office buildings to luxury homes. Several of our most popular metal combinations include:

  • Ornate Georgian handrail with round knuckle bars in alternating or repeated designs (view the perfect example in our previous commercial stairs blog)
  • Solid and husky mega balusters, paired with different handrail options for a whimsical or modern look
  • T-rail handrails with striking clean lines, supported by plain metal bars and simple yet exquisite square, wooden newel posts
  • Classic and versatile basket balusters paired with wood or marble stair treads, offering a twist on luxury curves or popular projects
  • Hammered knuckles paired with Newport handrail and detailed box newel posts, trimmed for a classic look
  • Scrolls incorporated into any design as an upgraded, elaborate addition

The Charm and Craftsmanship of Wood Handrail Balusters

Metal balusters are indeed a popular trend but let us not forget about wood and the pure elegance it can bring to a staircase. From colonial to Craftsman staircases, wooden balusters offer a wide array of options. Like metal, they are a great fit for stairs of all styles, both curved and straight.

Consider these popular primed wood stair railing combinations:

  • Charleston or Hampton turned balusters – the essence of southern charm – paired with ornate Georgian handrail and turned newel in any primed stain grade
  • Smooth curves of the Monte Carlo handrail paired with custom tapered balusters and newels – a beautiful system to accent a curved stair
  • Camden balusters and paneled box newels to complete a Craftsman staircase with clean lines
  • Simple 1¼” or 1¾” square wooden balusters, another Craftsman style favorite
  • Custom Chippendale pattern, designed and custom cut by our advanced CNC machine to ensure exact measurements and a flawless fit

As you can see, both metal and wooden balusters offer great style and versatility. For additional inspiration, check out our product brochure for a catalog of wood and metal baluster options. Our experienced team is available to guide you through the decision-making process, working with you to design, build and install the perfect staircase and handrail system to fit your vision.

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