Types of Staircases: Which is Right for Your Space?

Staircases come in all shapes and sizes that are both functional and pleasing to the eye. The first thing to think about when considering the types of staircases that fit well in a certain space is how it fits into the space’s layout. If you have a compact space, a spiral staircase is a great choice. For larger rooms, a flared staircase can help fill up the space.

There are many different types of staircases and each has its own purpose. To see which staircase is right for your space, let’s start at the beginning and take a look at the different types to choose from.

Types of Staircases

Straight Stairs

Straight stairs are the most used and popular because of their convenience, functionality, and cost-effectiveness. The straight-line design means there is no need for additional support structures and only needs to be attached at the bottom and top of the stairs. They are usually the easiest to build with the simple installation of railings and handrails. The straight staircase does take up a greater amount of space because of its linear design.

L-Shaped Stairs

L-shaped stairs are similar to a straight staircase but with an added turn. The turn is usually 90-degrees either in the middle or close to the top or bottom of the stairs. These staircases require support because of the turn and landing. L-shaped stairs can add privacy by providing a visual barrier between floors. They can be in the corner of a room to save on space. Handrails will require more skill and planning to construct for L-shaped stairs.

U-Shaped Stairs

U-shaped stairs consist of two parallel straight staircases that have a 180-degree turn. These staircases are visually more appealing than straight staircases and take up less linear floor space. The U-shape is similar to the L-shape because it can be located in a corner.

Winder Stairs

Winder stairs are similar to an L-shaped staircase without the landing. It often includes walls so it feels like you are stepping through a tunnel or cave. The stairs are continuous with a triangular-shaped step rounding the corner. The winder stair requires less space and is often used as a secondary staircase. A center support structure is usually required.

Spiral Stairs

Spiral stairs are a compact option that consist of a circular structure centered around a pole. This is often a more exposed staircase and will not have walls surrounding it. Spiral staircases can make a major statement to your space by the different railing options to choose from. They are relatively easy to install because of the center pole design but can be difficult to navigate the narrow space.

Curved Stairs

Curved stairs are used to make a statement and are usually traditional in design. Unlike the spiral staircase, the curved stair is a gentle curve with a wide space to maneuver easily up and down. Curved stairs are the most difficult to build but visually make the most impact.

Types of Staircases Perfect for Your Space

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