Why You Should Consider Tuscan Custom Stairs and Wrought Iron Railings Design

It is no surprise that many of our customers looking for unique custom stairs seek to enhance their luxury homes with Tuscan staircases crafted with intricate wrought iron railings design. Tuscany, located in central Italy, is a gorgeous region known for its numerous contributions to Renaissance art and architecture.

This week, we share an overview of the custom staircase Tuscan design and highlight three of our favorite Tuscan staircases – each featuring a beautiful wrought iron railing system.


What are the Key Elements of Tuscan Custom Stairs Design?Tuscan Staircases

Inspired by the tones and beauty of the region’s hillside, Tuscan style is known for its earthy warmth and rustic staircase feel. Very inviting and built to stand the test of time, Tuscan interiors often feature crumbled stone accents, textured walls, murals, and mosaics.

Wrought iron pieces including wrought iron railings, sconces and light fixtures are often incorporated into Tuscan designs as well.

Wrought Iron Railings Design: Featured Projects

The home of our first featured Tuscan custom staircase is a prime example of Tuscan and Renaissance design. The arched doorway, wrought iron accents and rustic staircase earth-toned flooring combine to create a true central-Italian feel. The elegant wrought iron railing system perfectly completes the look of the striking curved stair and balcony system.

wrought iron railings tuscan staircases

Our next featured Tuscan custom staircase is beautiful curved stairs. The space’s earth tones and stone-inspired sconce are excellent examples of Tuscan custom stairs design elements. The ornamental metal wrought iron railings design system is crafted with a unique vine pattern, adding to the natural, earthy feel of a rustic staircase.

tuscan staircases and wrought iron railings

Our final Tuscan custom stairs is designed and constructed for another luxury residence.  This home’s textured walls, arches, and iron accents also channel that unique central Italian feel. The curved staircase features beautiful tiled risers, an excellent fit for the Tuscan affinity for mosaics. The wooden stringer and railing are joined by an elaborate scrolled wrought iron railings balustrade system. The unique design elements of the staircase and space are warm, inviting, and beautiful.

tuscan staircases designed with wrought iron railings

Check out our blog post “Staircase Architecture Then & Now: The Renaissance” to learn more about the history behind the Tuscan custom staircase architecture.

Tuscan Custom Stairs with Wrought Iron Railings Design Process

Our talented design team at Southern Staircase works collaboratively with each customer to design and bring Tuscan staircase visions to life. We offer limitless design options suitable for straight stairs, curved stairs and balconies, in both interior and exterior settings. Our wrought iron railings elements are powder coated for quality and durability, and our comprehensive design services include:

  • Engineering services complete with jobsite measuring
  • CAD drawings, renderings, and mockups
  • Budget proposals with value engineering to balance aesthetics with cost effectiveness
  • Expertise in building code and regulations

No matter how unique the custom stairs project, we utilize a systemized approach that ensures flawless execution throughout all phases of construction. Our project management system promotes organization and excellent communication, and our team has earned an outstanding reputation for timely and smooth delivery.

Feeling Inspired?

Visit our Tuscan staircase project gallery for additional details and inspiration photos. From inspiration to installation our team is committed to designing and building the highest quality custom stairs. Our reputation speaks for itself and client satisfaction is our highest priority.

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