The Right Step: A Custom Staircase Alone Can Makeover Your Home

There are many ways you can change the architecture in a space. One way to implement a change to your interior design is by building a custom staircase. Many architectural designs today create an interior space with the use of a straight staircase and shy away from the innovative design of custom stairs. However, if you use Southern Staircase as your stair company, you can expect a simplified, enjoyable process of creating the custom staircase of your dreams.

Custom stairways have always been the focal point upon entryways. With their impressive, unique features, custom staircases are a piece of art and add originality. Over time, the design of a bespoke staircase has changed with the latest trends in architectural design. Although the trends have changed, custom stairs have always continued to be a unique, special part of building architecture.

A Custom Staircase or a Spiral Staircase?

So, you’ve decided to implement a staircase, but should you choose the spiral space saver or the custom option? There are many benefits to having a spiral staircase. However, there are a few differences to consider when choosing custom stairs. For example, the steps of custom stairs can be as wide and rise as high as desired, whereas spiral staircases tend to have more narrow steps. Plus, spiral staircase steps tend to be a little steeper. When considering what would complement your interior design, custom stairs can be unique in every aspect including but not limited to the curve of the staircase, the stair depth, and the stair rise, whereas there’s little room for the variance of these options when you design a spiral staircase.

Southern Staircase is one of the few stair companies that offer innovative designs for building custom stairs. With a state-of-the-art facility, the latest technology, and a team of expert architects, Southern Staircase can build any staircase, no matter how challenging the space or design. Contact Us for a free design consultation.