The Ideal Design of Flared Stairs

When constructing a new custom staircase for your space, the experts at Southern Staircase highly recommend flared stairs. They are a grand staircase that can complement your lifestyle and your budget. A distinct staircase is an essential design element to any home or business because it is the main focal point that pulls a room together.

What are the Key Elements of Flared Stairs Design?

Flared stairs are comprised of unique design elements that set them apart from other kinds of custom staircases. Known for their contour design and flare shape of the bottom step, they are incredibly distinctive and eye-catching. Built to be noticed, the flared shape of the base can be seen from multiple angles, making it the heart of the room and the home. And the unique curvature of its railings invites you to turn left or right as you transverse each level. All of these elements work together to make flared stairs functional, safe, and aesthetically pleasing.

Flared Stairs Can be Customized for Any Design Style

One of the greatest aspects of flared stairs is in their versatility. Due to their design, they are capable of being both impressive and practical without taking up much space. They are an especially great option for rooms with smaller foyers that cannot accommodate a grand curved staircase. Whether your tastes are minimalist, modern or eclectic, flared stairs can be custom built to match any aesthetic style, making them an ideal selection for many homes and businesses.

Custom Flare Stairs can be Built with a Variety of Materials

Along with serving as a great addition for all design styles, custom flared stairs can also be built with many different types of materials including metal, wood and glass. While all of these are great options, it’s important to know the benefits each provide to determine which will work best for your home or business.

Custom staircases constructed of metal are ideal for both indoor and outdoor builds due to its ability to resist temperature fluctuation. They are also extremely durable, require minimal maintenance and provide a clean look that can be customized to fit a multitude of spaces and styles. Flared stairs made of wood are considered to be the best practical selection because of their ability to resist allergens, dust and particles. They are also easy to maintain and provide a natural, timeless look to the homes they inhabit. Custom staircases created of glass provide a great solution for small and narrow staircases because they are able to reflect light to create the illusion of a larger space. They are also incredibly vibrant and can be sandblasted to be durable and safe.

What is the Custom Flare Stair Design Process?

It takes vast insight and industry experience to custom build flared stairs that stand out and fit sophisticated tastes. The expert team at Southern Staircase has developed a patented process to ensure a flawless build that brings your vision to life.

  • Provide consultation to review design options and offer inspiration with portfolio photos
  • Create a “flare footprint” to measure and decide on the ideal flare size for your space
  • Review which materials will work best for your customization (metal, glass, wood, etc.)
  • Evaluate which railing system will best accompany your staircase
  • Create renderings, CAD drawings and mockups for your review
  • Determine which customization options best fit your needs

 From inspiration to installation, Southern Staircase will utilize their knowledge and experience to guide you through the custom staircase construction process every step of the way. Contact Southern Staircase today to schedule a consultation and create the custom staircase of your dreams.