How Holiday Custom Stairs Décor Can Be the Focal Point in Your Home

At Southern Staircase, our eye-catching custom stair holiday design ideas are guaranteed to provide your home with a unique and luxurious look for the festive season. When it comes to the holidays, there is no better way to feel that seasonal spirit than to spruce up your home with fabulous, festive décor. And while there are many different ways to deck the halls with your designs, statement items like ribbons, wreaths, mistletoe, lights, garland, and more will enhance your custom stairs decor and make them the focal point of your house for the holidays.

Start with Handrails for Custom Stair Holiday Decor

Consider beginning with your handrails when you start decorating your custom stairs for the holidays. Homeowners often like to adorn their stair railings with lengthy garlands and robust ribbons to grab the attention of their visitors as they walk into the foyer. No matter what kind of material your handrails are made of these pieces are sure to make a grand and spirited statement to set the tone for your decorative display.

Sparkling lights wrapped or draped around stair railings can provide the perfect frame to a twinkling Christmas tree in the hallway. Whether you choose colored bulbs or white lights, there is no doubt this added element of illumination will further enhance your custom stairs, especially if your handrail system is made of glass.

Stockings can also serve as a seasonal staple to your stair railing designs to provide a unique twist on the tradition of hanging your stockings with care.

Beautiful Baluster Decorations Can Elevate Your Custom Stair Decor

Adding festive adornments to your balusters is another great way to make your custom stairs stand out. You can do this is by hanging wreaths, ornaments or holly between balusters that are spaced apart. This can help to cut down on any negative space in the display to give the décor a lush look that is sure to delight all who see it.

Decorating Your Custom Stair Risers for the Holidays

When you are creating the decorations for your custom stairs decor, don’t forget to include your stair risers, as this is an often-overlooked space that can really add to your holiday display. Over the last few years, it has been very popular to attach decals or signage to the stair risers. This allows you to incorporate special holiday messaging that spreads festive cheer to your loved ones as they ascend your custom stairs.

Your Custom Stairs Are the Perfect Backdrop for Holiday Photos

One of the greatest and most time-honored holiday traditions includes the festive photoshoot with your family and friends. And whether you decide to dress up in matching pajamas or coordinated outfits with fantastical colors, your decorated custom stairs are sure to provide the perfect backdrop for fabulous photos that you and your loved ones can enjoy for a lifetime.

Southern Staircase Can Turn Your Custom Stairs into a Decorative Masterpiece

When you work with the experts at Southern Staircase, your custom stairs will be transformed with a festive appeal that is sure to make a statement this holiday season. Contact Southern Staircase to begin decorating your custom stairs today.

The team at Southern Staircase wishes you a happy and healthy holiday season!