Custom Stairs: Beyond Elevation

Given the evolution of buildings and structures, stair parts and materials have come a long way from the simplistic flat rocks and logs used in earlier versions. Clearly, stairs are a practical means of moving from one level to the next. Custom stairs help people move beyond elevation, offering more in regard to aesthetics, symbolism, and psychology.

Custom Staircases

American architect, David Rockwell, shares his thoughts about how stairs shape one’s life:

“I think stairs may be one of the most emotionally malleable physical elements that an architect has to work with.”

To agree with Rockwell is to acknowledge that all staircases have a shared language of sorts, and this is found among common elements. Treads, risers, nosings, and stringers are examples. Moreover, it’s these foundational components that help builders, designers and architects construct a number of custom stairs through shape and configuration.

Even so, with the merging of materials comes the blending of myth and practicalities. In other words, while staircases do serve an important function, their design should also incorporate a client’s memories and dreams. Custom stairs should reflect the way one feels about their surroundings. As an example, imagine walking up a staircase. The materials and dimensions of the staircase determine where to plant one’s feet, as well as how quickly one can climb the staircase. In the same way, one’s perception of safety and the space around them correlate with each step. An example is a wide stair tread that requires a slow, steady pace. By contrast, consider a narrow spiral staircase with tall risers, and how a particular design carries with it a sense of urgency with short, quick steps.

Custom Stairs: The Next Level of Design

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