Staircase Architecture

The architecture of a staircase can vary entirely from simple to complex. However, no matter how difficult or simple the design, the staircase architecture must be built to code for safety purposes. That’s where Southern Staircase comes in! Hiring a specialized staircase builder allows you, the client, to collaborate with a team of architects and specialized stair builders that can easily create the staircase that’s perfect for your space.

Staircase Architecture Anywhere

Whether you are located in Seattle, Washington, or New York, New York, Southern Staircase’s streamlined stair-building process can take care of your project, every step of the way! With our collaborative staircase design approach, to staircase building, and even to staircase delivery and complete installation, all services are available to you no matter your location.

Staircase Architecture for Any Project

Are you looking for a commercial staircase? Building a home with a complex double curved stair in the design? Southern Staircase can help. Our team works with home builders, architects, homeowners, and even commercial builders work with our team to produce that special design they need to complete their project.

About Southern Staircase

Southern Staircase is an award-winning stair company. Since 1982, Southern Staircase provides design, delivery, and installation services to HomeownersArchitectsHome Builders and Commercial Builders across the United States. In addition, some of our completed staircase projects can be seen on the popular television series, “Extreme Home Makeover.” Our staff consists of expert architects and specialized designers. Using the latest advancements in technology, the stair design process is streamlined, simplified, and fun! Not sure where to begin and need a little inspiration? View our gallery for more ideas! Or, Contact Us for a free design consultation today.