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Today’s modern home needs stair solutions that are just as modern. Each home is unique, and your stairs should be just as unique. Southern Staircase is the premier destination for modern stairs and railings.


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From inspiration to installation, work with the experts at Southern Staircase to guide you through the design options, material pairings, code compliance and more. We don’t just copy and paste from project to project. Instead, we start with your vision, take precise measurements, examine the flow of space, and deliver the exact stair system you desire.


To provide our partners with the best stair solution for their projects while taking pride in personal service.

Modern Stairs
& Railing Styles

Modern stairs aren’t one size fits all. Southern Staircase works with you to understand your vision as well as the space you are working with. With decades of experience in designing and building modern stair systems we are a valuable resource for knowledge and modern stairs ideas.

Steel Mono Stringer Stair

A mono beam or stringer stair system is a floating staircase that is supported by a single steel stringer. It is an open rise design and can be paired with numerous tread types. Railing options include glass, horizontal metal, and cable. The Mono Beam stair system can be configured in multiple fashions, including straight, L-shaped, Switchback or U-shaped.

Dual Cut Stringer Stair

Like the mono beam floating stair, the dual beam stair is just as popular and is widely requested by many of the custom builders and architects we work with. Supported by dual stringers, glass, cable, and horizontal metal handrail systems work well to complete the modern look. Choose from multiple tread types to accent your dual beam stair system. Configurations can vary depending on your vision and space.

Dual Closed Stringer Stair

This stair is another popular option for contemporary homes. Like the Dual Cut Stringer, the Dual Closed Stringer Stair is Open Riser, but it’s treads are closed in by the stringers on each side. This stair works well with all modern handrails and custom treads in your choice of wood species can complete the overall look.

Cantilever Stairs

Cantilever stairs are the pinnacle when it comes to modern stairs. This type of stair system is constructed to have the treads appear to be floating in air without any support from stringers or beams. Our expert team expertly engineer and design cantilever stairs to fit and complement your space. Cantilever stairs pair well with glass railing or cable railing and can really help accentuate a home and add visual interest. Choose custom treads to really highlight this architectural masterpiece.

Curved Stairs

Who says curved stairs must be traditional? You can have floating stairs that are curved too. At Southern Staircase we don’t limit what floating stairs can be, but we do utilize decades of experience and industry knowledge to bring your vision to reality. Choose glass railing to really exude luxury with this type of modern stair system.

There is no one size fits all modern or floating stairs. Modern stairs for your home should be custom to your home. Do you have an idea in mind? Would you like to draw inspiration from some of our finished projects? Contact us today to speak with one of our expert stair specialists to learn about our capabilities. From inspiration to installation, Southern Staircase is your premier resource for modern stairs.


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Rave Reviews

"Floating staircases from Southern Staircase are the latest in years of trustworthy performance. What once was a code compliant utility has become an architectural design statement that adds massive value to our homes.”
Aaron Holladay
Dir. Of Sales and Marketing, Grove Park Construction


Have Any Questions?

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According to the NAHB and other industry studies, builders continue to face challenges with availability of building materials, supply chain issues and labor shortages. At Southern Staircase we have availability of popular wood species, fittings, and other stair components to ensure you the stair you want. Our skilled team and state-of-the-art facility and technology ensure you get the right stair, installed on time. Because of our size, we have purchasing and labor advantages that lead to lower cost for our customers. From inspiration to installation, your stair is made to order.

Yes, our mono stringer stairs are engineered. Our designers and engineers strive to be the best in the industry through continual research and development. We consistently look for ways to innovate and offer our customers stairs that are not only beautiful but built to last. Our engineered stairs allow us to install stair systems faster and keep work sites safer throughout the construction process.

Yes, with our in-depth knowledge of industry regulations, all our staircases meet or exceed IRC and local compliance requirements.

The short answer is yes. Depending on location and installation application there are requirements that must be met when installing a glass railing system.

Yes, a “floating stair” is designed to appear as if they are floating in mid-air without any structural support system in place. Southern Staircase, through innovation and engineering, has designed, manufactured, and installed many of these types of stair systems. We work with builders, architects, and designers from inspiration to installation to ensure we deliver the perfect floating stair for the home you are building.

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