Modern Staircases: Redefining Luxury in Architecture and Design


In the world of architecture and design, modern staircases have become a highly desired style that can help you elevate the aesthetic and functional appeal of your build. At Southern Staircase, our team of innovative craftsmen takes great pride in creating modern staircases that complement residential and commercial spaces.

Learn more about modern staircases and how they can serve as the perfect focal point for your space.


Discovering the Elegance of Modern Staircases

Sleek and Minimalistic Designs

Modern staircases exude the epitome of contemporary aesthetics, where less is more. With sleek lines and minimalist designs, they feature refined sophistication, allowing them to become the main focal point of any space. The clean appearance of modern staircases enables them to adapt to various architectural styles, be it a cutting-edge office space, a luxurious home, or a chic commercial establishment.

Our expert designers and craftsmen will work diligently to create modern staircases that perfectly align with your vision to complement your new construction projects. The combination of available stair and railing solutions ensures that each modern staircase we create will become a functional piece of art, elevating the ambiance of the surrounding environment.

High-Quality Materials and Finishes

Quality is the cornerstone of our approach at Southern Staircase, and it is reflected in every aspect of the modern staircases we build. We source premium materials, including stainless steel, glass, wood, iron, and more to craft durable and stunning staircases. Each material type is carefully selected for its inherent properties, contributing to both the visual appeal and structural integrity of the staircase.

Our commitment to excellence extends to the choice of finishing as well, ensuring every detail is considered, resulting in a high-quality stair build that brings your vision to life.

Customization Opportunities 

Our team of expert custom builders will work closely with you to understand your specifications to craft bespoke modern staircases. Whether it’s a grand floating staircase or an opulent curved design, we will take your staircase project to the next level.

Our materials, finishes, and stair design options allow for limitless customization possibilities. From contemporary cables to custom iron, we offer a diverse selection of high-end materials to complement your staircase.

Blending Safety and Functionality

While aesthetic appeal is paramount when crafting a staircase, safety and functionality are equally as important. That is why we integrate advanced engineering techniques and comply with safety regulations to ensure each modern staircase is a secure and practical addition to any space.

We comply with industry regulations and building codes to meet the highest safety standards for every stair build. From load-bearing capacities to slip-resistant treads, our modern staircases undergo rigorous testing.

Beyond safety, functionality is also one of our highest priorities. Several elements including the staircase dimensions, riser heights, handrail ergonomics, and more are carefully considered to ensure your modern staircase provides you with the utmost comfort and convenience.


Partner with Southern Staircase to Transform Your Space

At Southern Staircase, we take pride in providing the personal customer service support you need. From inspiration to installation, we will guide you through the process of creating a modern staircase to ensure you receive the best stair solutions for your build.

Contact our team of expert craftsmen to start your next project today.