Modern Staircase Design

Today, modern staircase design has become a popular trend in homes and commercial buildings such as offices and retail stores. It is common for architects, home builders, and developers to have a modern staircase in their house plans. Various elements of a modern staircase make each one custom and unique.

We all know that a staircase is usually the first impression in a home. Therefore, today, many homeowners and builders are choosing dramatic, impressionable looks that are sure to wow their guests. Let’s dive into the endless possibilities of installing an exterior or interior modern staircase for your next project.


Modern Staircase Design Ideas

Space Saver

Circular stairs and floating stairs are the best design ideas for homeowners or builders working with a small space. Both circular stairs and floating stairs spiral down and are held up by double or single risers. You will notice when looking at either, that the space around it and below it is open. With traditional staircases, you can see the space below is closed off or a part of the wall.

Clean Lines

Create a fresh, clean, minimalist look. As builders and designers, we know that many clients look for a modern architectural concept with unbroken and uninterrupted lines and shapes. Give your project exactly what it deserves, a beautiful spiral staircase. They will be impressed with the railing that looks like one, long beautiful ribbon.

Open Concept

Cable railings and floating staircases are two prime examples of open-concept stair designs that add value to any home or building. Cable railings offer a better view of surroundings with thin, but extremely durable horizontal balusters.

The architectural possibilities are endless with custom made staircases. Imagine pristine glass railings paired with heavy, exotic wood stair treads. Picture a black metal floating staircase with intricate details and circular designs. What about stainless-steel cable railings paired with concrete or marble spiral stairs for a balcony leading down to the backyard? No matter the space or the size, modern staircase designs are fully customizable and we can work with various price points.

For ultra-sleek and unique modern staircase ideas, check out these 51 stunning modern staircase projects in homes and buildings all over the world.


Custom Stairs with Southern Staircase

Choose an Industry Leader for Modern Staircase Design

Depending on the level of customization, modern staircase design can easily increase in complexity. The more customized the design, the more challenging the staircase, but we welcome this. Modern staircase design and skilled craftsmanship are required characteristics when considering a stair company. Southern Staircase is not just a team of experts in the stair industry, but we are masters at exterior and interior design. We have a full-service team consisting of specialized stair designers and architects. Plus, our work is done in a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility with the latest technology. The more challenging the design, the more welcomed the stair project. Southern Staircase prides itself on producing only the finest, highest-quality staircases for our clients.

Want to update or re-vamp a current staircase, but don’t know where to begin? Check out our modern staircase gallery for ideas. We’re always here and happy to help!

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