Home Stair Makeovers

Looking to revamp your interior design? A home stair makeover is one of the fastest ways to dramatically change the look and feel of a room. A home stair makeover sets your home apart from the rest, increasing the value, aesthetics, and appeal of the space.

A Home Stair Makeover with an Innovative Stair Design

Nowadays innovative stair designs are becoming increasingly popular in modern homes. There are a variety of ways to makeover your home stairs- change the stair treads, update the balusters, or have a stair builder create and install a completely customized stair for your space! Home stair designs come in a variety of styles, shapes, and sizes, and the possibilities are truly endless. Spiral out of control with a circular staircase, or enhance the overall look with contemporary metal stair rails! Spice it up with Mediterranean characteristics. Modernize your room with sleek and chic staircase lines. Southern Staircase has conducted a variety of stair makeovers. Some clients chose to update the stair rails. Other clients selected a complete makeover. In either case, the updates dramatically improved the interior design.

About Southern Staircase

Southern Staircase is an award-winning stair builder with multiple locations in the Southeast region. Since 1982, we provide design, delivery, and installation of staircase services to Homeowners, Architects, Home Builders, and Commercial Builders across the United States. In addition, some of our completed staircase projects can be seen on the popular television series, “Extreme Home Makeover.” Our staff consists of expert Architects and specialized Designers. Using the latest advancements in technology, the stair design process is streamlined, simplified, and fun! Not sure where to begin and need a little inspiration? View our gallery for more ideas! Or, Contact Us for a free design consultation today.