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Railing Remodel Services Frequently Asked Questions Alpharetta, GA

FAQ: Installation Process

What does turnkey installation mean?
Our team will come to your home, remove the old railing system, perform any needed drywall repairs, install a new railing, and stain and finish to your preferences.
How long does it take to replace my railings?
A typical railing replacement takes 1-2 days depending on the amount of railing and what degree of remodel you are doing. Wall cut-downs and all wood treads can add 2-3 more days.
Does it cost to have an estimate done?
No, our expert design consultants will meet you in your home to go over all the details and provide you with a written estimate of your new railing design.
Once we decide on a new railing, how long does it take before work starts?
Typically, we require 4 weeks for scheduling and to prepare your new railing for installation. Some jobs may sooner depending on design and availability.
Do I need to be home during the installation process?
That’s up to you! Our installers and staff are all background checked, and we are Home Advisor certified. You can be assured your home is safe with us.
Does cutting down my walls create a mess?
It can, but it does not have to! We lay down protective coverings and isolate the remodel area to minimize dust. No remodel project is 100% dust proof, but we have trained our installation crews to perform remodels with minimum disruption to your home.
Will my home smell like lacquer and stain?
Another advantage to using Artistic Stairs for your remodel project is all of the wood is pre-stained and finished in our facility. There is only a small amount of touch actually done in your
home keeping these issues to a limited amount of time.

FAQ: Remodel Options & Capabilities

Can my old railing be re-stained to look new?
This depends on the original stain that was applied. White washes and very dark colors are the most difficult to re-stain. You can always stain to a darker shade, but not lighter. Also, depending on the spindle style, it may be difficult to remove all of the old finish. Schedule an appointment with one of our design consultants to obtain an honest assessment of the best approach for updating your railing.
What if my cabinets and/or flooring are not the same hardwood as the new stair railing?
Artistic Stairs has partnered with several suppliers of wood stain products and has the ability to stain different hardwood styles to a very similar shade. We will not stain any of your stair railing until a working sample is provided to you for your approval. If you are living in the home, we have a pre-finish system that removes most of the dust and smell from the installation process. It also cuts down on the amount of time we are actually in your home working as this pre-finish only requires a small amount of time to do a touch up after the stair railing has been installed.
Can I simply replace old wooden spindles with wrought iron spindles?
In some cases, yes! Our team will cover the advantages and disadvantages to spindle replacement and let you decide whether this approach is best for your home.
What if I want to add more railing without replacing the existing system?
Artistic Stairs can reproduce the style of your existing railing system, whether the original install was performed by our team or another group.
What if I accidentally scratch my new stair railing?
In most cases, we are able to repair minor scrapes and scratches. Each situation needs to be assessed individually, but by choosing Artistic Stairs for your stair railing needs you will always have access to a highly trained stain tech, usually the tech that did the initial staining.
How can I upgrade my basic wall grab rail?
Artistic Stairs can transform a basic wall grab rail into a beautiful rail system by removing the wall and opening up the space with an open spindled railing system.

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