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Stairs are oftentimes the first “piece of furniture” seen in your home. Staircases make an impression. At Southern Staircase, we take staircase design and production to new heights. We design, build, and install grand stairs and other types of circular staircases for homeowners, builders, Architects and Designers.

Through our creativity, innovation, and skill, we offer something truly incredible for our customers. You can rely on and trust our accomplished and knowledgeable team to give you the best in curved staircases, spiral staircases, circular staircases, flared staircases, exterior staircases, open rise staircases, straight staircases and more. Our team can create grand staircase, straight staircase and circular staircase designs in a variety of materials including glass paneling, wood and metals.

For more than 30 years we have been an industry leading designer and manufacturer of high quality circular staircases.  At every stage of your project, we work closely with you to ensure the product we provide meets with your vision and your satisfaction. From idea and design to manufacture and delivery/installation, we want to make the process easy for you. Our customers know that when they rely on Southern Staircase, they can expect the best circular staircase design – not only through our products, but through our superior technical support and outstanding service as well.

At Southern Staircase, we understand that today’s homeowner is more sophisticated and discerning. Whether you would like a circular staircase designed from scratch or to simply update your current stairs, we’re here to give you the information, tools, and visuals to facilitate your design decisions from design through installation.

We work closely with the BuildersArchitects and DesignersHomeowners, and Commercial Builders to design and build the perfect custom curved stairway, wooden spiral staircase or circular staircase. We use the best materials in glass and stone, wood and metal to create stairways, stair railings and balusters that fit your design, budget and building codes. We create that perfect, circular staircase. We can even provide full turnkey services – from design through installation.

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